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Tag: Union Wars

Protests are also hitting Panama over the cost of food, fuel, and medicine, but the uprisings seem driven by the unions
Panama Faces National Protests, Strikes Over Gas and Food Prices
The Central American country of Panama is another on the list of smaller economies rocked by massive protests over unaffordable fuel and high cost of food. However, Panama is in a uniquely strong economic situation...
A massive UK train union strike is about to make landfall next week, disrupting supply chains and public transport.
Massive Union Strike Set to Disrupt UK Train, Freight Service Next Week
A massive union-led strike is set to disrupt the United Kingdom’s train service throughout all of the week of June 24, reports state.  UK-based iNews has covered the strike as “Britain’s biggest rail strike in...
American rail carriers are cutting critical fertilizer, grain, and coal shipments as they struggle with staffing and logistics problems amid union wars.
US Rail Carriers Are Cutting Fertilizer, Grain, Coal Shipments
A major U.S. railway freight carrier has ceased business with one of the largest fertilizer producers in the country during the peak of planting season.  In an April 14 press release, CF Industries informed the...