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The Amazing Volcanic Vineyards of Lanzarote

Those seeking an extraordinary wine tour should head to the vineyards in Lanzarote. The mention of vineyards conjures images of lush greenery, located usually in serene locations, where the tourists can savor the fine quality wine while enjoying the sunsets amidst serenity. This is what you can find in famous winery destinations like Napa, the […]

Winemakers of Napa Valley Introduce Climate Resilience Programs

Climate change could bring about a shift in agriculture practices worldwide since factors like temperature, rainfall, humidity, etc., are projected to change from traditional...

How a Selfless Act of Kindness Cured a Girl’s Leprosy

Today, leprosy has been brought under control in general; however, the situation in some areas of China is apparently worsening, according to China's Ministry...

The Amazing Effects of Onions Soaked in Red Wine

When I traveled to Hong Kong, a wine retailer friend of mine told me that onions soaked in red wine can help get rid of...

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