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BC's endemic opioid crisis is outpacing COVID-19 deaths, data shows. Both the fentanyl and heroin crisis and COVID are directly rooted with the Chinese Communist Party.
British Columbia Opioid Deaths Outpace COVID Fatalities Amid China-linked Drug Epidemic
The amount of human lives lost in the Canadian province of British Columbia’s opioid epidemic is outpacing that of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pseudo pandemic, data shows. In an April 15 article by CTV...
COVID-19 Origins: Wuhan Lab Wanted to Release ‘Skin-Penetrating’ Coronavirus Into Bat Populations
Recently released documents revealed that U.S. and Wuhan scientists planned on leaking enhanced airborne coronavirus particles into the bat population in China. The decision was aimed at inoculating the bats against diseases that could transmit...