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More Testimonies on Election Irregularities in Georgia

Published: December 28, 2020
Senator William Ligon from Georgia released a report on Dec. 19 that details the extensive election irregularities and fraud which took place in the state.
Ligon's report gives witness accounts of election irregularities. (Image: pixabay / CC0 1.0)

Senator William Ligon from Georgia released a report on Dec. 19 that details the extensive alleged election irregularities and fraud that took place in the state. In the report, numerous people testified about how they were witness to suspicious activities and sometimes outright fraud taking place during the election or the subsequent counting process. 

Violation of security procedures

Bridget Thorne worked as a technician during the early voting stage in the Georgia World Congress Center. On Oct. 30, she witnessed tens of thousands of ballots being scanned through 40 to 50 scanners without following proper procedures, a chain of custody, or oaths. Her concerns were dismissed by a Dominion employee who said that they had been doing this all week. Thorne saw unsecured suitcases filled with ballots placed near the scanners.

Philips Arena outside, in AtlantaGeorgia. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

The report states: “Upon arriving at the State Farm Arena the following morning, Thorne saw that suitcases of ballots had been piled in a corner and sealed. But there was no restricted access, so anyone could have removed one or more suitcases. In addition, anyone could have opened them and resealed them” because the “seals were easily accessible.” During the day, employees brought Thorne other ballots that were found in the warehouse, asking if they were real or test. She had no way of knowing.”

Before Election Day, Thorne conveyed her observations to the State Board of Elections and the Secretary of State. She received no response. Thorne has now been fired from her job at a consultancy.

Unmonitored re-counts

Mark Amick testified that in DeKalb County, only one monitor was provided per 10 tables of 16 re-counters. In addition, the monitors were placed at a distance of six feet, which made it impossible to accurately see the totals that appeared on the computer screens.

Lack of proper chain of custody

Dana Smith, a Republican poll watcher at Hart County, saw paper backup ballots being put in unlocked canvas bags. These were to be transported to the county office of the Elections Supervisor. After Smith insisted, the precinct manager put locks on the bags. However, the manager intentionally avoided completing the chain-of-custody forms.

Pristine ballots

Susan Voyles, who has experience in managing elections, saw a stack of 110 absentee ballots at State Farm Arena that looked “pristine.” These ballots were not worn out and even did not have any fold marks. All but two of the ballots were votes for Joe Biden. She has been fired from her post as poll manager in Fulton County.

Ballot duplication without oversight

Nancy Kain volunteered as a poll watcher in the election. On Nov. 5 at the State Farm Arena, she observed that several people did not carry proper credentials. Kain saw a young man with paper ballots putting in the selections on a voting machine. She was told that the man was transferring some of the military votes that were damaged to a new ballot. This means that the young man was voting for someone else, but no one was verifying what he did.

Poll watchers denied entry

Poll watcher Mark Amick was blocked from entering the Birmingham Falls Elementary School precinct despite his statewide credentials. Other monitors have also attested to being denied entry during the recount process.


Hale Soucie testified that Cobb County was using an electronic counting machine on the very first day that the ballots were counted. He says that this is not the approved counting method. On the second day, he saw some votes that were marked for Trump being called for Biden by an auditor. These errors were caught by a second auditor, but at another table, there was no double-check being conducted. When Hale went to observe, people started getting irate and some even called him names.

Massive disparity in vote totals

At the DeKalb County Board of Elections, Mark Amick noticed that a box of ballots was marked with 10,707 votes for Biden and only 13 for Trump. When he brought this implausible disparity to the attention of the two election officials, they became agitated. On finally recounting the box, the revised result showed 1,081 votes for Biden.

In an interview with a reporter from NTD News, Ligon notes that the election irregularity report largely focuses on some counties around Atlanta and a few of the large metro regions. When the Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, became aware of a video that showed observers and media being sent away by election workers who then began pulling out boxes and counting the ballots, he justified the behavior. The secretary and his team downplayed the incident claiming that there was no irregularity in the event. However, Ligon thinks otherwise.

“I find that disingenuous because, under the law, the press, and the parties have the right to have observers there. They are the eyes of the public. And if they had a representative there that saw them go and send them away, he should have stopped the counting right then and not allowed it to resume until the press and the observers were notified to come back and be able to observe what was going on,” Ligon said in the interview.

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