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Antifa’s Ultimate Agenda is to Abolish Nations, Establish Communes: Expert

The man who is perhaps the leading expert on anarcho-communist extremist group Antifa, Andy Ngo, says the underground organization’s real aim is to establish the Marxist ideals of abolishing private property and the forcible overthrow of existing social conditions.  “The ultimate agenda is to abolish nation states all around the world and then creat[e] from […]
Neil Campbell
Neil lives in Canada and writes about society and politics.
Published: February 6, 2021

The man who is perhaps the leading expert on anarcho-communist extremist group Antifa, Andy Ngo, says the underground organization’s real aim is to establish the Marxist ideals of abolishing private property and the forcible overthrow of existing social conditions

“The ultimate agenda is to abolish nation states all around the world and then creat[e] from that, anarchist-communist communes,” said Ngo in an interview with Crossroads published on Feb. 2

“So they believe they can actually organize society without a government. This is where the anarchist part comes in and where the communism part comes in… nobody actually owns private property.”

Ngo openly agrees that this radical idea “sounds like a big wild fantasy that they will never achieve,” but he points out that the revolutionary group was able to achieve exactly [that] in 2020, when they established the so-called Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, or CHAZ. ”For more than three weeks in the largest city in the Pacific Northwest, they claimed territory that they said was sovereign and separate from U.S. law. And under the local officials there; they allowed that to happen. It ended up [with] there being multiple homicides; it was a lawless area.”

“There was attempted arson there, there [were] attempted rapes. There [were] sexual assaults. There were multiple, multiple shootings, there were homicides…this is what happens when there is no state functioning.” 

Ngo described the CHAZ, which he personally experienced, as “Essentially you have what are warlords competing with one another and trying to gain control over this faction or that faction of the area. And then you bring into that an element of these extremists that are there as so-called volunteer security, coming in with guns and ready to shoot people and actually creating a hard border with checkpoints.” 

According to Ngo, Antifa “thought that they didn’t need capitalism to function,” but in reality, the territory they seized through what was, in essence, domestic terrorism, was “essentially a welfare state that depended on donations coming in from the U.S. So that’s how they sustained themselves.”

Seattle wasn’t the only city besieged by anarchy with a distinctly “red” flavor. Antifa also took over a residential area in Portland. As a result, “people who lived there had to flee for their lives and they couldn’t use their own street. Antifa there set up booby traps, they set up a hard border, they set up weapons supply points. These [things] are happening in major American cities.”

A sign that reads ‘This is property of the Seattle people’ is pictured on the closed Seattle Police Department’s East Precinct now surrounded by the area known as the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), in Seattle, Washington on June 11, 2020. The area surrounding the East Precinct building has come to be known as the CHAZ, Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. Volunteer medics are available to tend to medical needs, alongside tents with medical supplies, gourmet food donated from local restaurants, fruit, snacks, water bottles free for whoever needed them. (Image: by JASON REDMOND / AFP via Getty Images)

Antifa ‘unmasked’

Ngo recently authored a book Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy. The 35-year-old, also Editor-at-Large for The Post Millennial, described how Antifa pressured  Powell’s City of Books, Portland’s largest independent bookstore and one of the largest bookstores in the U.S., to remove Ngo’s book from their shelves.

“This book will not be on our store shelves, and we will not promote it. That said, it will remain in our online catalogue. We carry books that we find anywhere from simply distasteful or badly written, to execrable, as well as those that we treasure. We believe it is the work of bookselling to do so,” says the listing for Unmasked on Powell’s website.

“Just the fact that they are cowing now in the face of threats essentially from violent extremists in Portland, that’s a shame,” says Ngo. “At the same time I have a certain amount of sympathy for them. It’s a family business, so it’s been run by the same family for a long time, and Antifa have a very, very good track record of making good on their threats. They’ve destroyed businesses, they destroyed even a church before. They’ve set businesses on fire. They initiate looting. So we’re dealing not just with online threats, we’re dealing with people who promise violence and actually do carry it out. So, I feel for Powell’s Books.”

Antifa members had surrounded the flagship downtown location and were screaming: “Stop selling Andy Ngo’s book. You’re selling a book that will endanger Portland’s activist community, will endanger black lives, endanger the lives of oppressed people… the store is complicit in fascism and violent fascism.” According to Ngo, the store had to shut down for two days.

“This is what Antifa does, even when they’re ‘nonviolent,’ they create intimidation.

“Antifa’s biggest way to essentially terrorize their targets is through this sustained onslaught of intimidation by releasing your private personal information, also known as ‘doxing,’ where they release your address, your family’s address, where you work, your employer’s contact information, the phone number directly, to say, your manager or supervisor. Any and every way to just make this sense of dread go over a target that they can be attacked from anywhere.

“They actually have attacked me when I’ve been at a gym. They’ve put out my location when they saw me at a grocery store.”

A target for violence himself

Ngo recounted when he was attacked in June while covering an Antifa riot: “In June, 2019 there was a protest turned riot that day that involved Antifa, involved the Democratic Socialists of America, and others. I [went] there like many other times with my phone as my camera to record. I didn’t talk to anybody and I was confronted, which then very quickly turned to assault, and then eventually a mob beating that led to me having a brain bleed. I was hospitalized and it took about a year of various therapies and treatments to address the deficiencies that I suffered because of that brain injury.”

Ngo says he had to leave Portland because of threats on his life, the release of addresses where he lived, and the feeling that: “I could die at any moment.”

He says he reported all the threats to law enforcement and FBI, but neither they nor the Portland Police or local District Attorney took any action despite Ngo providing names of suspects through his own investigations and hired private investigators. He says his only recourse was to take the civil route, and he has sued Rose City Antifa and other individuals who have been identified in the assaults. 

The media and big tech give Antifa protection

Ngo says big media’s coverage of the group and their rioting has played a fundamental role in allowing them to put down roots and grow in our society: “Media coverage since the rise of Antifa in 2016 has been to continually give them cover, describe them as simply ‘anti-fascists’ who are opposing the far right, who are going out to protect communities of color.”

Protesters block Interstate 5 after marching from the area known as the Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP) on June 24, 2020, in Seattle, Washington. On Monday, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan said that the city would phase down the CHOP zone and that the Seattle Police Department would return to its vacated East Precinct. (Image: David Ryder / Getty Images)

“What I saw is that they [Antifa] weren’t discriminating who they were labelling as fascists and the types of attacks they were doing against other citizens, government property, and law enforcement officers was essentially domestic terrorism happening right in front of us cloaked under this guise of racial justice and anti-fascism. So my coverage of them was exposing their violent extremism and that made me become a target.”

“Very early on I thought it was really important to identify some of these people who are involved, because most of them are masked. Just through my investigative reporting I’ve been able to unmask some of them, and that infuriated them because they operate under anonymity obviously to escape prosecution, but then also to deny… to give plausible deniability that Antifa even exists in any organized form.”

Ngo also notes that it isn’t just big media that is helping Antifa, but: “Big Tech has essentially allied with Antifa in that they allow these groups to operate openly and to organize and advertise riots openly. I mean Rose City Antifa is still on Twitter, the Youth Liberation Front is still on Twitter and these are groups putting out flyers with government buildings on fire and the date and location where people can go.”

Antifa’s operational methodology 

Andy says he is in possession of documents that were leaked to him by someone who went through the Antifa initiation process. These documents include a curriculum that he views as analogous to the radicalization process that jihadists and other Islamists put Muslims through. 

“They have extremist literature, they disseminate it, they use events to recruit people,” including an “unofficial” Antifa soccer league in Portland, “which on the surface seems like just a social gathering,” he says. 

“But at these games they’re actually using it as a staging ground to gather their comrades together to distribute their extremist radicalizing literature to their new people and then to carry out riots afterwards.”

When it comes to Antifa’s claims that they are “anti-fascist” Ngo shatters the illusion, “How Antifa defines fascism is… we’re not talking about the political science definition of how scholars define movements like Naziism, national socialism, or fascism in Italy. They’re describing it essentially as anything that is in opposition to their far-left political agenda.

“The Berlin Wall… to the East Germans [it] was the ‘Anti-Fascist Defense Barrier.’ So they have always viewed liberal democracy as fascism, and capitalism as a form and function of fascism.

“I never call them anti-fascist because it sounds… I mean that’s a noble thing to be. But they use it in a way to essentially mean people who aren’t anarchists-communists and if you’re not one of [those]… you can even be just a moderate liberal and they’ll still classify you as a fascist.”

A volunteer holds a firearm while working security at an entrance to the so-called ‘Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone’ on June 10, 2020, in Seattle, Washington. The zone includes the blocks surrounding the Seattle Police Departments East Precinct, which was the site of violent clashes with Black Lives Matter protesters, who have continued to demonstrate in the wake of George Floyd’s death. (Image: by David Ryder / Getty Images)

A left-wing political blunder

Ngo is clear that left-wing politicians are making huge mistakes thinking they can make use of Antifa: “Some of the Democrats are quite foolish in thinking they can be allied with Antifa just because they have a shared opposition to the Trump Administration or the Republican Party.

“Antifa from the go does not recognize any government and has particular disdain for liberals because they find liberals as having some things in common, but not willing to be extreme enough.

“Antifa is a violent extremist movement that is a threat to democracy itself in the U.S. They want to abolish government, period, which includes all parties, including the Democrats.

“I think Antifa [members] have been relatively mild in the things they’ve done against Democrats in the past four years just because they saw a larger target ahead of them in Trump or Republicans.”

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