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Chinese Scientists Looked Into Weaponizing Coronaviruses, According to Dossier

Published: May 11, 2021
Health workers perform PCR tests for Covid-19 detection at the laboratory of the University Centre of Health Sciences (CUCS) in Guadalajara, Jalisco state, Mexico, on April 14, 2021. (Image: ULISES RUIZ/AFP via Getty Images)

The U.S. State Department has obtained documents indicating that the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has studied the possibility of using coronaviruses for biological warfare, as reported by The Australian.

Published in 2015, the documents were the work of military scientists and senior Chinese public health officials and were purportedly uncovered as part of the State Department’s efforts to determine the origins of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

The Australian reported that “some of China’s senior public health and military figures are ­listed among the 18 authors of the document, including the former deputy director of China’s Bureau of Epidemic Prevention, Li Feng.” 

Additionally, 10 of the authors were scientists and weapons experts affiliated with the Air Force Medical University, which is run by the PLA in western China’s Xi’an. 

‘Weaponized and unleashed in a way never seen before’

The Australian employed digital forensics expert Robert Pottinger, who has worked for the U.S., Australian and Canadian governments, to verify the authenticity of the documents.  

The documents describe the manipulation of coronaviruses as being able to herald a “new era of genetic weapons.” The authors also wrote that coronaviruses can be “artificially manipulated into an emerging human ­disease virus, then weaponized and unleashed in a way never seen before.”

Reporting on the document, titled “The Unnatural Origin of SARS and New Species of Man-Made Viruses as Genetic Bioweapons,” has been called ‘outright lies’ by CCP officials. 

The revelations add to suspicion that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) considers biological warfare a significant factor in a war against its adversaries. 

The document states that “following developments in other scientific fields, there have been major advances in the delivery of biological agents. For example, the new-found ability to freeze-dry micro-organisms has made it possible to store biological agents and aerosolise them during attacks.”

They illuminate the potential for an airborne virus to collapse the medical systems of targeted countries; a strategic advantage in any modern war and currently a stark reality for authorities across the globe fighting to contain COVID-19 outbreaks.

If genuine, the documents would indicate a belief in Beijing that, in the event of a third world war, biological weapons would be the ‘core’ for victory and outlines the perfect conditions to release them. 

The Australian Senator for Victoria, James William Paterson stated, “These revelations demonstrate exactly why nothing less than complete transparency from the Chinese Communist Party is required about the origins of Covid-19.”

Virus origins remain unclear

Questions still remain concerning the origins of SARS-CoV-2. Speculation has flourished since the early days of the pandemic concerning what role, if any, the CCP had in the outbreak of the pandemic. 

Skeptics of the official narrative from Beijing — that humans contracted the disease at a wet market in Wuhan — point to the presence of China’s sole accredited biosafety level 4 (BSL-4) lab in the city. Previous reports have confirmed that coronaviruses were regularly experimented with at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, as the facility is called. 

The WIV lab specializes in bat-borne viruses. To enter, one is required to pass through airlocks, chemical showers and to don a full body suit.

While most scientists have stated that there is little evidence that COVID-19 has its origins in a lab, the hypothesis has not been ruled out completely.