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Beauty is a Blessing

Beauty is a blessing, just like health or wealth, but we must remember that beauty is not limited to the surface appearance. As the saying goes, “True beauty is on the inside.” While it is pleasant to look at physical beauty, it often comes with an inner gem that should not be overlooked. Like everything else, blessings have their origins. Wealth is gained by being charitable, respect comes from humility, and a beautiful face is a gift from God. 

Although genetic factors determine the physical characteristics of the face and body, the degree of beauty one achieves depends on their lifestyle and past. The heart is the key to inner beauty.  The character that is cultivated in the heart is projected for others to see. 

The reason some older people lose the beauty of their youth is because their faces reflect the trials of life which shaped their personalities. People who maintain a good disposition generally keep their physical beauty. Generous people usually have a happy face, and mild-tempered people have a soft and beautiful face, but those who let life get the better of them may show a decline in physical beauty. 

The key to keeping a lovely face is to have a lovely heart. A heart of compassion will emit a beautiful light from within, highlighting one’s natural beauty. People can sense a compassionate soul, and it affects how they view the individual. People naturally take kindly to such a person and look favorably upon him or her. 

People who are cunning, selfish or mean, however, are hard to be around. To use a magnet analogy, they are repellent rather than attractive, regardless of how much physical beauty they are endowed with.  

In order to improve one’s physical appearance, one must start with the heart. Inner beauty can be cultivated by showing kindness, being generous, and thinking of others. A heart of compassion is a beautiful thing for anyone to behold. When the heart and soul are beautiful, the face will naturally follow suit.

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