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Freedom Convoy Braces for Possible State Violence

Published: February 10, 2022
A protester walks in front of parked trucks as demonstrators continue to protest the vaccine mandates implemented by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Feb. 8, 2022 in Ottawa, Canada. (Image: DAVE CHAN/AFP via Getty Images)

As ongoing protests continue to rage in Ottawa and across Canada with multiple convoys of trucks blocking numerous border crossings and gridlocking downtown Ottawa, truckers on the ground in Canada’s capital are bracing for state violence.

One trucker posted a video to Twitter imploring Canadians to “do something!”

“Canadians, are you really just going to sit there and watch as an unethical, authoritarian, minority government runs roughshod over your neighbors? Really?” he asked, adding that, “I mean, fully half of Canadians support the fundamental principles that triggered this convoy in the first place; dropping the mandates. And fully 100 percent of Canadians should support the right to protest.” 

Section two of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms gives every Canadian the right to protest, the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and freedom of association. 

To date, the protests have been peaceful, disruptive as protests are intended to be however no signs of violence by the truckers have emerged. The only instance of violence that has occurred was by a man who hit four protesters, in the Canadian city of Winnipeg, with his SUV and attempted to escape. The perpetrator was later identified by American journalist, Andy Ngô, as a member of Antifa. Three of the injured were treated on site and one was treated and released from hospital.

The trucker continued, “The government began by ignoring this little convoy emerging from Vancouver, that didn’t work. As support grew they directed a smear campaign aimed at the organizers of the convoy, that didn’t work. Somewhere around Winnipeg, this thing became a movement and the government began their misinformation campaign with the cooperation of the government funded Canadian media.” 

The mainstream media in Canada has come under fire for what many see as an unbalanced portrayal of the protests. “They told you that this convoy had little support as they turned their cameras away from the enormous crowds lining the roads,” the trucker said.  

Numerous articles blasting the protesters as racists, white supremacists, terrorists and even insurrectionists have been published in the Canadian media by the state-funded Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) as well as the heavily government subsidized CTV and Global news outlets, among others. 

People on the ground have shared their observations of the crowds and conclude that Canadians from all walks of life and creed are participating in the rallies. 

In his video the trucker then asserted, “What’s the next logical step? Well, the government is going to bring the violence. Yes, the government is going to gather their forces, put on their vests and their helmets and their face shields, bring their batons and their tear gas and their water cannons and eventually their guns. Are you gonna let them do that? Really, you’re just gonna sit there and let them do that?”  

The trucker implored everyday Canadian citizens to take action, “Do something, write a comment, make a post, join a group, form a group, write an email to your MLA, to your MP, to your mayor, to the Prime Minister, to the Governor General, to the Queen. Do something! Go to Ottawa!”