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CCP Orders Officials to ‘Produce Artificial Rainfall’ to Combat Drought

Neil Campbell
Neil lives in Canada and writes about society and politics.
Published: August 21, 2022
The CCP ordered state officials to "produce artificial rain" with geoengineering to combat record drought.
Members of Beijing's “Xiangshan Weather Modification Practice Base” stand next to an artillery cannon converted for weather modification usage during a public relations photo-op for the 2008 Beijing Olympics in 2007. Recently, the Communist Party publicly ordered state officials to conduct geoengineering operations in a desperate attempt to placate the excessive drought plaguing mankind this year. (Image: China Photos/Getty Images)

The Chinese Communist Party has ordered local officials to conduct geoengineering operations to combat drought, according to an article published by the regime’s English-language propaganda outlet.

In a short Aug. 18 report by Party mouthpiece Xinhua dubbed China Issues Yellow Alert for Drought, the regime’s National Meteorological Center (NMC) lamented that drought had crushed a vast swath of area in the “south, central and southwest regions of China,” such as Sichuan, Guizhou, and Hubei.

Drought has been particularly prominent in China in 2022. Just last week, world automotive giant Toyota was told by Party officials to shutter its Chengdu, Sichuan Province factory to conserve water.

Reportedly, area factories held by competitor Volkswagen and Apple’s mission-critical supplier Foxconn were not ordered closed while claiming to be unaffected by the water crisis.


The NMC openly instructed state-level agencies to conduct geoengineering operations when it stated that it had “advised these regions” to not only “keep a close eye on meteorological changes,” but to “produce artificial rainfall when necessary.”

According to reporting by Breitbart on a collection of other Xinhua diatribes, the Party had admitted that, much like drought-stricken 2022 America, hundreds of thousands of hectares of key crops had been severely impacted by the recent drought.

California’s Central Valley region, which accounts for a quarter of U.S. food production, was left with more than 800,000 acres — approximately 1,250 miles — of farmland left unused because of the state’s water crisis this year, preliminary data from a University of California Merced researcher stated in July.

Most notably at risk is China’s Autumn grain crop, which a top NMC forecaster told Xinhua comprises 75 percent of China’s annual production alone. 

The Communist Party’s public admission of utilizing geoengineering is particularly notable as virtually no other government in the world admits to conducting operations that involve manmade manipulation of weather.

But the reality of geoengineering, especially when deployed by the CCP, is anything but a “conspiracy theory.”

In 2016, Business Insider published an article titled China Spent Millions on a Shady Project to Control the Weather Ahead of the Beijing Olympics — and Dozens of Other Countries are Doing it too. 

The outlet explained that the Party had boasted to have earmarked $30 million “for a controversial project that involves shooting salt-and-mineral-filled bullets into the sky,” which was a continuation of a 2008 endeavor to control rainfall to clear Beijing’s notorious heavy pollution away, just in time for the Summer Olympics.

Beijing’s notorious air pollution before geoengineering was deployed to clear the skies at the “Bird's Nest” National Stadium on March 12, 2008
Beijing’s notorious air pollution before geoengineering was deployed to clear the skies at the “Bird’s Nest” National Stadium on March 12, 2008. (Image: PETER PARKS/AFP via Getty Images)

And this appears to have been exactly what happened, although the phenomenon was often passed off in western media as either a natural occurrence or the fruit of communist social management policy implementation. 

For example, a 2011 article carrying water for Beijing issued by ScienceDaily trumpeted, “New research suggests that China’s impressive feat of cutting Beijing’s pollution up to 50 percent for the 2008 Summer Olympics had some help from Mother Nature.”

“Rain just at the beginning and wind during the Olympics likely contributed about half of the effort needed to clean up the skies, scientists found,” the article added.

It continued, “The results also suggest emission controls need to be more widely implemented than in 2008 if pollution levels are to be reduced permanently.”

Yet just months ahead of Beijing 2008, the Los Angeles Times reported that officials from the Party’s Beijing Meteorological Bureau boasted to the international community that they intended to deploy weather modification to clear the sky for the Games.

“The weather modification would be used only on a small area, opening what would be in effect a meteorological umbrella over the 91,000-seat Olympic stadium,” stated the article.

An August of 2008 article published by the UK’s The Guardian titled China Takes Battle to the Heavens in Search of the Sun even went so far as to quote notorious CCP Chairman and mass murderer Mao Zedong’s tradition-defying, boisterous declaration “man must defeat the heavens” in its promotion of the communist government’s geoengineering attempts.

Beijing’s notorious air pollution seen at the “Bird’s Nest” National Stadium once again, this time in June of 2019.
Beijing’s notorious air pollution seen at the “Bird’s Nest” National Stadium once again, this time in June of 2019. Communist Party policy emission controls have proven unsuccessful. (Image: NICOLAS ASFOURI/AFP via Getty Images)

And as recently as December of 2021, The Hill reported that the Party had “successfully controlled the weather through a controversial climate practice” to ensure that the regime’s inauspicious Centennial Anniversary went unhampered by inclement weather.

Citing an article by English-language Beijing-friendly South China Morning Post, The Hill stated, “The Chinese government launched a large-scale operation to bring on rainfall over suburban Beijing and some neighboring areas hours before the July 1 event.”

The article lauded the regime’s achievements, “Researchers found that the artificial rain reduced air pollutants by more than two-thirds and shifted the air quality index to good from moderate, based on the World Health Organization’s air quality index.”

If media reports aren’t sufficient evidence, then directly from the horse’s mouth is a December of 2020 issuance by the PRC’s State Council, where the communist government “issued a circular” ordering the deployment of a public-facing weather modification system by 2025.

“The total area of artificial rainfall (snowfall) operation will reach beyond 5.5 million square kilometers, and for hail suppression it should go beyond 580,000 square kilometers,” the Council touted.