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New York Republican City Council Candidates Endorse the Medical Freedom Party

Published: June 7, 2023
The Medical Freedom Party holds a rally at the Queens Republican Club with a number of Republican candidates for NYC Council on May 31 in New York. (Image: Courtesy of the Medical Freedom Party)

On May 31,  the Medical Freedom Party, along with several Republican candidates for City Council, held a rally at the Queens Republican Club to gather energy and boost morale for the June 27th Republican Primary Election. Participating in the rally was Zhile Cao, a Republican candidate running for the 25th district, Yuqing Bai, a Republican candidate running for the 20th district in Flushing, Guodong Zhou, a Republican City Council candidate running for the 23rd district in Bayside and Fresh Meadows, Vito LaBella, a Republican candidate running for the 43rd district in Eighth Avenue and Sunset Park and Anna Belfiore-Delfaus, a Republican candidate running for the 47th District in the Brooklyn Bay Area, and others.

Medical Freedom Party Opposes Government-Mandated Vaccinations

The Medical Freedom Party (MFP) has consistently opposed government-mandated vaccinations. Emily, a leading volunteer for the Medical Freedom Party, says that our bodies are our own, and “if we can’t even make decisions about our own bodies, then we are no different from being cattle, horses, or slaves.” Emily said that the government’s decision to force people to get vaccinated was wrong and intolerable. No government has such a right, she added. She said that they have been doing a lot of outreach in neighborhood schools and at subway stations, hoping to raise awareness.

Concerning the election campaign, Emily said she hopes the media will help publicize the campaign and that the Medical Freedom Party has weekly meetings. If there are campaign events in various districts, she hopes more people will participate and that voters will be active in voting. Emily said, “Voting is the most important thing.”


Several Republican City Council Candidates Endorse Medical Freedom Party

Zhile Cao is a Republican candidate for City Council in District 25, which includes Elmhurst and Jackson Heights.

Cao’s long-standing aspirations in the campaign are clear; uphold traditional American values, preserve special schools, protect children’s human rights, my body my choice, no mandatory vaccines, no masks, address the homeless problem in New York’s subway, require police to patrol subway trains 24/7, improve shelter services, provide decent housing for the homeless, stop cutting police funding, and support the people of Hong Kong, Tibet, Xinjiang, and other regions against totalitarianism. 

The main purpose of Cao’s candidacy is that the Constitution states that we have the freedom to choose how we want to live our lives without government intervention. He said, “This organization has the power to take action,” and expressed his support for the Medical Freedom Party’s opposition to government-mandated vaccinations.

Anna Belfiore-Delfaus, a Republican candidate running for the 47th District in Brooklyn’s Bay Area, said that this particular topic tonight is sensitive to my district. “It’s not great that the government is forcing people to get vaccinated, and it’s not great for the neighborhood,” she said. “We need to do something to bring people in the community together and make their voices heard,” she added. 

Republican candidate Yuqing Bai, who is running on behalf of Flushing’s 20th District, said he has been in the United States for more than 40 years and came here when he was eight. Originally from Taiwan, Yuqing Bai is a CPA with 20 years of professional experience. He expressed his support for the Medical Freedom Party.

Vito LaBella, a Republican candidate running in the 43rd District in 8th Avenue and Sunset Park, said the public should unite and express their true feelings. He said the Medical Freedom Party is opposed to the government mandating vaccinations, and we are very supportive. “Many of the government’s decisions are wrong,” he said, adding that, “The forced vaccines, the cutbacks in police funding, etc. These are wrong policies that will push people’s hearts further away.”