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Wall Street Journal Dissents on Puberty Blockers, ‘Gender-affirming Care’

Neil Campbell
Neil lives in Canada and writes about society and politics.
Published: June 11, 2023
The WSJ has published a rare piece of dissent against the transgender movement.
A file photo of a woman reading America’s most circulated newspaper, The Wall Street Journal, in Washington D.C. in 2007. Cracks seem to be appearing in the ESG-generated establishment media phalanx on the transgender issue after WSJ published a June 7 opinion/commentary piece dissenting on the use of puberty blockers and “gender-affirming care” for those diagnosed with gender dysphoria. (Image: KAREN BLEIER/AFP via Getty Images)


With the advent of Environmental Social Governance (ESG), a system that mimics the Chinese Communist Party’s corporate social credit scheme, and its permeation of the world’s most significant corporations, on select key topics, all voices seem to speak in unison.

And thus it is highly notable when America’s largest newspaper by circulation, The Wall Street Journal, publishes a June 7 piece titled “The Truth About ‘Puberty Blockers,’” breaking away from the currently widespread corporate climate wherein any disagreement with the transgender movement is passively or overtly conflated to the level of a hate crime.

Although the article is categorized both as an opinion and commentary piece, author Gerald Posner is still given a megaphone by one of the biggest platforms in the English media sphere to openly declare the term “gender-affirming care” a “euphemism” he defines as “surgical and pharmacological interventions designed to make the body look and feel more like that of the opposite sex.”

Posner does this to segue into his main point, that the procedure is founded on prescribing one of “five powerful synthetic drugs that block the natural production of sex hormones,” also known as “puberty blockers.”

In specific, Posner targets the drug Lupron, sold by Big Pharma company AbbVie, which he says is prescribed “off label” to minors who are diagnosed with gender dysphoria.

The article states that Lupron has also been administered “off label” to sex offenders as a form of chemical castration. The drug has been through at least one 2005 clinical trial openly available on the Clinical Trials Federal Government website where researchers found that when combining the drug with cognitive behavioral therapy, a subset of five white male convicted pedophiles had “significantly reduced” pedophilic fantasies, urges, and other behavior when on the drug compared to a 12 month period where they were administered a saline placebo.

Posner notes that the federal Department of Health and Human Services officially notes in a 2022 missive titled “Gender-affirming Care and Young People” that the effects of puberty blocking drugs, which are categorized as type of “Affirming Care,” are reversible.

Nonetheless, according to the author, not only have a dozen Republican state legislatures across the country either banned or “curtailed” gender affirming care for minors, the counterforce is actually international.

“Finland, citing concerns about side effects, in 2020 cut back puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones to minors. Sweden followed suit in 2022 and Norway this year,” Posner wrote. 

He added, Britain’s National Health Service shuttered the country’s largest youth gender clinic after 35 clinicians resigned over three years, complaining they were pressured to overdiagnose gay, mentally ill, and autistic teens and prescribe medications that made their conditions worse.”

Whether Posner’s article ultimately withstands the rigors of true scientific and journalistic scrutiny is yet to be seen. Regardless, what is notable in the story is that an alternative and contrarian viewpoint was allowed to be broadcast by the most mainstream of platforms, one that slants significantly to the Liberal side of the political spectrum.

Right now, in many mainstream establishment positions, speaking out is grounds for being forced to make public apologies and even being terminated. 

Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Anthony Bass found this out the hard way when at the end of May he posted a video to social media supporting boycotts of Bud Light for its marketing contract with Dylan Mulvaney and of retail chain Target for featuring a “pride”-themed merchandise section created by an allegedly Satanic designer.

Bass was named and shamed in Toronto’s harsh-at-the-best-of-times sports media, and even after acquiescing to pressure, deleting his post, and issuing a public statement and apology, Bass was even booed by home team fans at the Rogers Center.

On June 9, right before the Blue Jays’ scheduled “Pride Weekend” festivities, Bass was released from the team.

Canadian media made a point of making sure readers understood his release wasn’t because of performance, even though Bass has thus far this year posted his worst set of numbers since 2015.

One example of many similarly-themed articles was published by CTV News titled Toronto Blue Jays Send Anthony Bass Packing After Anti-LGBTQ2S+ Controversy.

Yet the WSJ piece is not the first crack in the pro-transgender movement phalanx.

On June 6, Twitter under the new ownership paradigm of Tesla CEO Elon Musk allowed Matt Walsh and The Daily Wire to stream its highly controversial 2022 documentary What Is A Woman?

Wisconsin radio station WSAU noted that the documentary picked up more than 170 million views on Musk’s new platform in only a few days. As of time of writing, it now stands at more than 183 million views.

To put the prior level of censorship Walsh and The Daily Wire has endured since the documentary was first published, on June 11, Daily Wire Co-CEO Jeremy Boering published a 14-post Twitter thread cataloging a cornucopia of Big Tech censorship against the publication and its individual writers “over coverage of the trans debate.”

Among Matt Walsh having his YouTube account totally demonetized, Boering stated that, “In the last 90 days, our accounts have received 104 violations for ‘Hateful and Derogatory’ content, earning them ‘limited monetization.’” 

“Again, nearly every one of these violations comes from our coverage of the trans debate,” he added.