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Awaiting Extradition, Chinese Billionaire Alleges Deep Fraud in CCP’s Belt and Road Initiative

Magnate She Zhijiang claims he was targeted by at least two assassination attempts while jailed in Thailand
Published: September 14, 2023
She Zhijiang pictured at an overseas Chinese event. (Image: Screenshot via RFA)

BANGKOK, Thailand — She Zhijiang (佘智江), a Chinese billionaire magnate currently detained by the Thai authorities on multiple fraud charges and who is awaiting extradition back to China, gave an interview with Vision Times in which he alleged that Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) investment scheme was being used as a cover for widespread illegal activity. 

Communist Party-run media claim She (pronounced “shuh”) is the mastermind behind the “KK Park” fraud syndicate based in Southeast Asia that has recently gained notoriety for its slew of phone scams and kidnappings. Meanwhile, She maintains that he has been set up as a convenient scapegoat for a much larger criminal enterprise that is intertwined with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) itself. 

In addition, She Zhijiang, who delivered his remarks to Vision Times via another inmate speaking by phone from the prison, says that he has been the target of two assassination attempts. 

He has been jailed since August 2022, after being arrested by the Thai police following a decade on the run from Communist Chinese authorities, who convicted Shen of human trafficking, extortion, and cyber scams in mainland China, which is his homeland. 

According to She, the CCP uses the BRI projects as a conduit for Southeast Asian telecoms scams. The collusion helps Beijing maintain relationships between Party officials (and their intermediaries) and local politicians, businessmen, or crime bosses. 

Prior to becoming a fugitive, She Zhijiang, was a prominent figure in the context of the BRI project, Sheh Zhijiang formerly served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for Asia Pacific International Holdings Group, and held honorary chairmanship or founding chairmanship titles for 11 China-linked organizations. 

Moreover, She maintains that the accusations levied against him by the Chinese authorities are bogus, and that KK Park — located in Myanmar — is instead run by Chinese individuals with close ties to the Communist Party. KK Park is affiliated with Burmese militias and criminal gangs, particularly those of the Wa ethnicity, whose home region is host to a CCP-backed rebel government. 

KK Park, and similar locations in Southeast Asia run by CCP-affiliated syndicates, are known for enticing unwitting individuals, mostly from mainland China, into “working” for them. The workers are then essentially abducted and used as slaves to maintain the scam industry. 

By Xiu Li.