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Facebook founder and chief Mark Zuckerberg wears virtual reality devices at the Axel Springer Award in Berlin on February 25, 2016. A report by the Centre for Information Resilience uncovered a network of Chinese Communist Party bots posing as human users on Twitter to spread CCP narratives. The botnet utilized artificial generated profile images that look like people and brigaded posts with each other.
Is Social Media Fake? Twitter Plagued by Artificial Intelligence Posing as Humans Pushing Communist China
The Big Tech cartel’s social media keystones, Twitter and Facebook, made their claim to fame as the mainstream...
Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, speaks at the Sun Microsystems Education Conference at the Waldorf Astoria hotel March 9, 2006 in New York City. Wikipedia’s left-wing, pro-CCP editorship makes it a dubious candidate for Google to rely on as a source of data in its prominent Featured Snippet results. The consequences were Google sublimating Communist Party propaganda about ownership of the South China Sea.
Google’s Reliance on Wikipedia Helps Communist Party Spread South China Sea Disinformation
A June 3 post on social marketing website Reddit’s Wikipedia section revealed Google pulled Chinese Communist...