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The Legendary Origins of Chinese Acupuncture
The spread of acupuncture into Western medicine has been spectacular but relatively recent. The first acupuncture school opened in the US in 1975; by 2018, there were nearly 40,000 licensed acupuncturists in this country. One...
Doctors diagnosed Victor Dominello as having Bell’s palsy after he sought medical attention following a press briefing.
NSW Customer Service Minister Diagnosed With Bell’s Palsy After Suffering at Press Conference
New South Wales Customer Service Minister Victor Dominello was diagnosed with Bell’s palsy shortly after attending a press conference on Aug. 18. While speaking to the press on Wednesday as part of the daily COVID-19...
The Relationship Between Traditional Chinese Medicine and Martial Arts
Great practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) are often great martial artists. Those who practice both medicine and martial arts can be traced back as far as Hua Tuo (華佗), probably the most well-known doctor...