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China Braces for Bad Harvests as Drought Scours 10 Million Acres of Farmland
Farmers across China are facing reduced harvests due to this year’s scorching heat waves and droughts that have destroyed or damaged 66 million mu (about 10 million acres) of farmland throughout the country. China is...
sun dawu in 2019
Chinese Agricultural Businessman Sun Dawu Sentenced to 18 Years for ‘Seeking Quarrels and Provoking Trouble’
Sun, who prided himself on a system of 'co-prosperity' for owners and employees alike, ran afoul of the Communist Party for supporting human rights lawyers and economic reforms Chinese billionaire Sun Dawu, owner of the...
Several Chinese spies have been caught over the years trying to steal and transport American-made seeds to China
How Chinese Spies Steal American Seeds and Agricultural Technologies
A 2017 report by the U.S. Commission on the Theft of American Intellectual Property (IP Commission) called China “the world’s principal IP infringer” and estimated that the American economy loses up to 600 billion dollars...