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Although the Pentagon is forced to rescind its COVID vaccine mandate, discharged soldiers won't be restored.
Pentagon to Rescind COVID Vaccine Mandate, But Won’t Bring Back Discharged Soldiers
As the U.S. Department of Defense is forced to rescind a widely challenged mandate requiring all members...
Will Alberta Premier Jason Kenney's promise that mandatory vaccination will not come to Alberta ring as hollow as it did with vaccine passports? Only time will tell.
Will Jason Kenney’s Vow Against Mandatory Vaccination Ring Hollow As It Did With Vaccine Passports?
The first week of 2022 was off to the races in the push for governments to enact Coronavirus Disease...
Austria will punish the unvaccinated with 3,600 Euro fines and/or four months in prison starting in February, according to a rough draft of the COVID-19 Vaccine Protection Act viewed by Die Presse.
Austria Mandatory Vaccination Bill Draft Text Will Punish Unvaccinated With 3,600 Euro Fines, Four Months
Austria will begin imposing heavy fines and prison sentences on citizens who refuse Coronavirus Disease...