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34 members of the CCP's MPS have been charged with operating a troll farm targeting US residents.
DOJ Charges 34 Chinese Police Personnel For Running ‘Troll Farm’ Against Americans
The United States Department of Justice has charged 34 members of the Communist Chinese Ministry of Public...
Is Twitter really just writhing with botnets and fake accounts? Elon Musk thinks so.
Is Twitter Overrun by Bots? Probably
The world’s wealthiest man’s recent move to acquire Big Tech social media keystone Twitter appears to...
Words With Friends is more like Words With Bots after Zynga introduced bots to keep the matching queue short.
When ‘Words With Friends’ Devolved Into ‘Words With Bots’
An increasing number of users of the popular Words with Friends app have realized that they haven’t been...
People cheer as China's Weibo began trading on Nasdaq on April 17, 2014 in New York City. An investigation by Oxford and Associated Press discovered an army of fake accounts on Facebook and Twitter help promote Chinese Communist Party media and officials. Big Tech fails to deal with the CCP with the same strict standards it dealt with Donald Trump and U.S. conservatives.
Twitter, Facebook Passive as Bots Promote Chinese Diplomats and Propaganda Outlets
The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been using an army of fake Twitter and Facebook accounts to control...