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Tag: Chinese Real Estate Crisis

Chinese Property Developers to Raise Funds Through Supply Chain Asset-Backed Securities
The Chinese real estate sector is going through tough times as many developers are facing financial troubles, and are unable to pay their suppliers or debt holders. To help deal with the issue, Chinese regulators...
Evergrande Fails to Make Overdue Coupon Payments for Bondholders
Chinese real-estate developer Evergrande failed to provide coupon payments to offshore bondholders after a 30-day grace period concluded on Tuesday, Dec. 7, according to several people with knowledge of the issue. With millions of dollars...
Chinese Real Estate Developers Plunge Into Deeper Troubles
While investors are fixated on the fate of Evergrande, the Chinese real estate developer isn’t the only property company in the country facing trouble. Several other firms in the sector are having difficulty repaying debts...