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Google is pushing for the so-called Inclusive Language with a new AI bot that auto corrects professional users' writings.
Google Docs AI Gets Pushy With Writers to Implement ‘Inclusive Language’
Google Docs has stealthily introduced an inclusive language function that pushes users to direct their texts in the right (read: left) direction based on the company’s feelings about the concepts of inclusiveness and propriety. “These...
27% of Canadians want the unvaccinated to serve prison time. 66% want mandatory vaccination, found a poll of mostly vaccinated Canadians.
More Than a Quarter of Canadians Think the Unvaccinated Should Serve Prison Time: Survey
Not only do two-thirds of Canadians support mandatory vaccination decrees, more than a quarter of all respondents find it appropriate to punish those who won’t submit with a 5 day prison sentence, a recent survey...
Talk show La Semaine des 4 Julie on Quebec’s Novoo with Julie Snyder groomed and praised children who harbor extreme authoritarian attitudes towards the unvaccinated.
‘We Should Call the Police’: Kids Groomed for Authoritarian Attitudes Against Unvaccinated On Quebec Talk Show
A Francophone Canadian talk show recently broadcast a segment where it encouraged and praised children being interviewed for harboring authoritarian attitudes against the unvaccinated.  The clip, broadcast on Quebec television station Novoo’s La Semaine des...
Quebec is set to begin charging the Province's 920,000 unvaccinated eligible citizens a financial tax in the newest development in vaccine coercion.
Quebec To Charge ~920,000 Remaining Vaccine Holdouts With a ‘Health Contribution’ Financial Penalty
Canada’s most extreme province for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) measures, mandates, and vaccine coercion, Quebec, announced Jan. 11 that it is set to begin penalizing the roughly 11.3 percent of its population who still haven’t...