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employees-work-on-the-production-line-at-jingjin-filter-press-factory-in-dezhou-shandong-province-global-production-lags-due-to-self-imposed-restrictions according-to-several-studies
Global Production Lags Due to Self-Imposed Restrictions
According to several studies, the overall production capacity of factories worldwide shrank in June due...
COVID mask edicts and stay at home measures return to Australia schools.
Australia Schools Revert To COVID Masking, Stay at Home Measures
Nearly 3.5 years after the emergence of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID...
Adam Exton, Canadian government official responsible for COVID response, died suddenly at the age of 35.
Canadian Official Responsible for COVID Response Dies at 35
An official for the Canadian government who was involved at a high level in the country’s Coronavirus...
Virginia police raided a local restaurant two years after COVID measure violations
Virginia Authorities Raid Restaurant for COVID Mandate Violations Almost 2 Years After They Occurred
Virginia police executed a search and seizure warrant against a business who defied pandemic measures...