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Canadian Official Responsible for COVID Response Dies at 35

Neil Campbell
Neil lives in Canada and writes about society and politics.
Published: December 22, 2022
Adam Exton, Canadian government official responsible for COVID response, died suddenly at the age of 35.
The Canadian flag flies at half mast to honor the late Queen Elizabeth II on Sept. 13, 2022. Health Canada Director of Parliamentary Affairs Adam Exton, responsible for the country’s COVID measures, died suddenly at the age of 35. (Image: GEOFF ROBINS/AFP via Getty Images)

An official for the Canadian government who was involved at a high level in the country’s Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) measures, which would have included lockdowns, mandatory masking, vaccine mandates, and vaccine passports, died at the age of 35 under undisclosed circumstances and with no coverage from the country’s establishment media.

According to a Dec. 14 Obituary published in Barrie Today, Adam Exton passed away on Dec. 9 at the age of 35, departing ahead of his parents and brother and leaving behind a girlfriend.

Exton was a Political Sciences graduate from the University of Toronto and received the Ontario Young Liberal Volunteer of the Year Award in 2012.

Working his way up through the ranks of the Canadian government, Exton eventually settled into the position of Director of Parliamentary Affairs at Health Canada.

“During the challenging times of the pandemic, Adam was part of the leadership team that led Canada’s health response to COVID-19,” the Obituary stated.

The Justin Trudeau administration’s COVID response was the factor that ultimately led to the Freedom Convoy trucker occupation protests in Ottawa at the beginning of 2022, which caused the provincial and federal-level vaccine passport and mandatory masking schemes to quickly collapse.

The broadcast of Exton’s departure also noted that for those who wish to donate in his memory, the Canadian Mental Health Association was the charity of choice.

According to a January of 2020 Travel Expenses report published on, Exton was involved at the time in participating in roundtables on the now-notorious MAID program, which stands for Medical Assistance in Dying, which prescribes euthanasia for an array of ailments all the way from poverty to depression.

Current Minister of Indigenous Services in Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party minority government Patty Hajdu acknowledged Exton’s role in its COVID response in a Dec. 16 Twitter thread, “Politics was Adam’s world. He was with me through one of the most challenging times of our careers, in the epicentre of Canada’s response to the COVID pandemic. Our team formed a bond that will remain, and Adam will forever be in my memories of that time.”

Although many internet pundits suspected Exton had died from an adverse reaction to the experimental COVID gene therapy injections he would have participated in deploying across Canada, Hajdu alluded to a reality wherein Exton may have been suffering from the very tribulations that would have made him a target of the government’s state-backed euthanasia program had he been a regular member of the public. 

“Despite the ways Adam contributed, he struggled too, like many others may be right now. The pandemic was traumatizing for so many. So many things need to change so that people who are living with poor mental health or problematic substance use can get effective care,” the Minister added, including a link to the Wellness Together Canada website.

When challenged on Twitter as to whether or not Exton died from a vaccine adverse reaction, CEO of Mainstreet Research Quito Maggi, in response to a tweet expressing condolences for the death, snapped back, “The young man did not die due to vaccination, if you can’t tell from the context of my tweets or his obituary his cause of death then you are an insensitive ******.”