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Calgary is cracking down on the Marxist domestic extremist group Black Lives Matter
Calgary Law Enforcement Cracks Down On Black Lives Matter Kingpins
Law enforcement in the Canadian city of Calgary appear to have upped enforcement actions against local...
Trevor Jacob crashed his plane into the side of a California mountain to get clicks, a plea bargain confirms
Influencer Pleads Guilty To Crashing Plane In YouTube Video For Clicks
A plea bargain emerging from charges related to a California light airplane crash featured in a video...
The DA for California Riverside is charging fentanyl traffickers with manslaughter if their wares cause a death.
California DA Charges Fentanyl Traffickers With Manslaughter After 800% Increase In Overdose Deaths
Fentanyl-related deaths have skyrocketed by more than 800 percent between 2015 and 2020 in a small south...
SFPD and City Hall won't intervene in a broad daylight fencing market where stolen goods from carjackings and break-ins are hawked.
San Francisco Police, City Hall, Won’t Intervene In Broad Daylight Stolen Goods Fencing Operation
Criminals involved in the trend of vehicle break-ins and carjackings in San Francisco have been fencing...