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22 percent of Americans took out high interest payday loans or burned through credit cards to gamble on the digital currency market, a survey shows.
Americans Burned Payday Loans and Credit Cards to Speculate on Digital Currency: Survey
Almost 22 percent of Americans who have taken to gambling on the promise of meteoric returns in the digital currencies market have done so through borrowing money, and often at extremely high interest rates.  In...
Canada's Attorney General David Lametti said that being part of a "Pro-Trump movement" may qualify for bank account seizure under the Trudeau administration's Emergencies Act being used to break the Ottawa Freedom Convoy trucker occupation
Canada’s Attorney General Says Being ‘Pro-Trump’ a Criteria for Bank Account Seizure Under Emergencies Act
Canada’s top cop says that being part of a “pro-Trump movement” will be a factor determining whether the federal government can seize a citizen’s bank account under the newly deployed Emergencies Act, Prime Minister Justin...
China’s Central Bank Launches Digital Currency App
In an ambitious push to expand its digital currency, China’s central bank has launched a trial version for its digital yuan via a wallet app.  The app is now available on China’s Android and iOS...