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New Book Explains How Famous Egyptian Mummy Was Murdered

A new book published today explains how the famous mummy Takabuti was likely to have been murdered over 2,600 years ago. Editors Professor Rosalie David from the University of Manchester and Professor Eileen Murphy Queen’s University Belfast, say a military ax was probably used from behind as she was running away from her assailant. According […]

Egypt’s Inspirational Blind Women Orchestra

We have many legendary people who, despite their handicaps, have managed to make themselves immortal via their craft. Egypt’s blind women orchestra is one such inspiring group. In the world of music, Beethoven is a name that even a non-music person has heard of. His story of overcoming deafness to become a great composer is […]

Suez Canal Blockage Might Last for Several Weeks, $400 Million Lost per Hour

A container ship recently ran aground in the Suez Canal in Egypt, blocking all traffic across the vital trade waterway. Now, it seems as if the ship might remain in that position for several weeks, creating more chaos in the global shipping system that has been under additional stress due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The […]

Inks Containing Lead Likely Used as Drier on Ancient Egyptian Papyri

Analyzing 12 ancient Egyptian papyri fragments with X-ray microscopy, University of Copenhagen researchers were surprised to find previously unknown lead compounds in both red...

The Amazing Egyptian Egg Ovens

The ancient Egyptians were known to be master builders, having built the pyramids and other wondrous architecture. Their expertise can also be seen in...

Travel Focus: The Crystal Mountain of Egypt

Situated between the Bahariya Oasis and the Farafra Oasis in Egypt is the Crystal Mountain, known in the local language as Gebel Izaz. This...

Mummified Animals Discovered by Accident in Egypt

When talking about Egyptian mummies, people typically think of the practice as a means for preserving human corpses. But the ancient Egyptians not only...

Is Ramses the Great Fake News? Looks Like It

New archaeological evidence indicates that Pharaoh Ramses II may not have been the Ramses the Great we all thought he was. The archaeological evidence...

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