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Europe Enters Another Lockdown as Pandemic Scare Resurfaces, UK Fares Better

Multiple European nations have once again entered the lockdown phase as a new wave of coronavirus infections threatens to deepen the pandemic crisis. The lockdowns come as the region faces severe challenges in vaccinating citizens against COVID-19, trailing behind other nations like the UK that have sped along with its vaccination campaign. Italy imposed new […]

Vaccine Problem: European Commission Demands UK Vaccines Be Sent to Europe

President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen has demanded that the AstraZeneca vaccines manufactured in the UK be sent to the EU to help with shortfalls in production. The AstraZeneca vaccine is produced by four labs — two in Europe and two in the UK. Showing a contract between the EU and the […]

13 People Have Died in Norway After Taking Pfizer’s Coronavirus Vaccine

Norwegian Medicines Agency, the country’s medical regulatory authority, has announced a series of deaths among people who had been inoculated with Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine. The country started vaccinating people in late December and over 25,000 citizens have been inoculated so far, with many admitting to having experienced some side effects. Of the reported 29 deaths, […]

Possible Candidates: As Merkel Steps Down, Fight for German Chancellor Intensifies

When Angela Merkel steps down from her position as Chancellor of Germany after the country’s federal elections due in September this year, a contest in the party to fill her role will begin. Merkel has served four terms as the Chancellor and has been a huge influence in European politics during the last 16 years. […]

EU Gives Thumbs Up to COVID-19 Vaccines

The European Union (EU) gives a thumbs up to COVID-19 vaccines. The recently approved COVID-19 vaccine jointly developed by Pfizer and BioNTech is to...

EU-China Tensions Rise With Beijing’s COVID-19 Disinformation Campaign

The COVID-19 pandemic not only unleashed a virus into the world, but also the extensive propaganda system of the Chinese communist government. In June,...

What Europe’s ‘Save the Internet’ Movement Was All About

In 2013, thousands of Internet users across Europe banded together for the ‘Save the Internet’ movement aimed at maintaining net neutrality. Four years later...

China Influencing European Elites Through Friendship Association Groups

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is co-opting elites in Europe to increase its influence in the region, warns a recent report published by the...

Smith: The Man Who Forgot His Past

In 2014, a mysterious man was found in a snowdrift near Oslo, Norway. Diagnosed with amnesia, he had no idea who he was. Thanks...

Congestion Without Pollution: E-Scooters Crowding European Streets

E-scooters were introduced as a solution to traffic congestion and pollution in cities. However, as more people have started using e-scooters in Europe, the...

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