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The Government of Greece deploys a new app to replace drivers licenses with digital ID social credit
Greece Moves Towards Social Credit as Digital ID App Replaces Drivers Licenses
Greece has taken the next step forward in transitioning its society to a Chinese Communist Party-style...
McDonald's is under fire for not joining the trend of canceling Russia.
McDonald’s Under Pressure to Follow Trend of Canceling Russia
McDonald’s and other major companies have been chastised for not pulling out of Russia in protest of...
The WHO is looking to be promoted by member states into a global, centralized arbiter and distributor of pandemic measures.
WHO Pushing for ‘Legally Binding’ Agreement to Deploy ‘Whole-of-Society’ Pandemic Measures
The Chinese Communist Party-friendly World Health Organization (WHO) convened a Special Session of the...
Uganda traded much of its sovereignty over its aviation authority to the Chinese Communist Party in exchange for a $200 million loan in 2015, set to come due in March of 2022.
Debt Traps Work: How Uganda Gave China Control of Its Largest Airport
The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is poised to take control of Uganda’s only international airport next...
Microsoft Director, Mobility Windows Phone for Middle East and Africa, Gustavo Fuchs introduces the Huawei 4Afrika, a full functionality Windows Phone 8 pre-loaded with select applications designed for Africa in Lagos on February 5, 2013. Huawei has targeted the developing world, primarily Africa and Asia, with a pivot to cloud computing and e-government solutions after the Trump administration crushed its semiconductor business.
Communist China’s Huawei Pivots to Cloud, E-Government Solutions in Developing World
Although communist China’s Big Tech champion Huawei is on the ropes after the arrest of Meng Wanzhou,...