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With over 5,000 new cases popping up in one day, China is once again bringing lockdowns and measures to curb the virus, testing Beijing’s “zero-COVID” policy.
Lockdowns, Panic Ensue as China Has Worst COVID-19 Outbreak in Two Years
On Tuesday, Mar. 15, China once again implemented harsh lockdown restrictions as more than 5,000 new cases of COVID-19 were reported across multiple cities.  Despite China’s strict “zero-COVID” policy, this is the worst outbreak in...
Millions of dollars worth of pangolin scales were sized in China.
Huge Consignment of Illegally Trafficked Pangolin Scales Seized in Communist China
The police in communist China recently seized eight tons of pangolin scales from a wildlife-smuggling ring in the southern Guangdong province. The value of the scales is estimated at $62 million. Other illegal animal products...