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IBM’s Latest Quantum Processor Pushes the Limits of Existing Science
In what is being heralded as a “landmark achievement” IBM on Nov. 16, unveiled its Eagle 127-qubit quantum processor. IBM claims it’s the world’s largest superconducting quantum computer, which if verified, would mean this new...
The US Military Is Finding It Harder and Harder to Buy Semiconductors
Shortages, supply chains, and security weigh heavily in which chips can and can’t be used Semiconductors enable nearly every modern industrial and commercial device, from smartphones to aircraft, vehicles, weapons systems, the internet and the...
The embattled New York Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo announced on Tuesday his state would be installing an IBM blockchain based Excelsior Pass vaccine passport scheme for citizens who wish to attend theatres and sporting events
Cuomo Announces IBM Blockchain Vaccine Passport Scheme for Sporting Events, Theatres
Embattled New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced his state would be installing a digital vaccine passport requirement to attend sporting venues, movie theaters, and some businesses in a March 2 press release posted on his...