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Trudeau Government Facing Lawsuits Over Invoking Emergencies Act
Despite the Trudeau government’s abrupt revocation of the Emergencies Act it will still have to defend...
Freedom Convoy: Protesters Appear to Gain Ground, Violence Reported at Coutts Border Crossing
Widespread civil unrest in Canada — led by thousands of truckers opposed to COVID-19 public health measures...
‘Freedom Convoy’ Protests Spread Across Canada, Major Border Crossing Shut Down
Inspired by Canada’s “Freedom Convoy” numerous other protests have sprung up across Canada mirroring...
Canada’s ‘Freedom Convoy’ Spells Hot Water for Some Supporters; Canadian Leader’s Responses Vary
As the rolling protest dubbed the “Freedom Convoy” consisting of hundreds of  truck drivers opposed...
Will Alberta Premier Jason Kenney's promise that mandatory vaccination will not come to Alberta ring as hollow as it did with vaccine passports? Only time will tell.
Will Jason Kenney’s Vow Against Mandatory Vaccination Ring Hollow As It Did With Vaccine Passports?
The first week of 2022 was off to the races in the push for governments to enact Coronavirus Disease...