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US Prosecutors Indict Chinese Fentanyl Precursor Manufacturers
The U.S. Justice Department has accused eight Chinese nationals and four companies of supplying raw materials...
Debate Rages Whether to Allow Landmark Science and Technology Agreement Between China and US to Expire
The United States and China have maintained a significant scientific and technical cooperation agreement...
New Report Alleges Nearly Every Major Auto Manufacturer Exploits Forced Labor in China’s Uyghur Region
A recently published report entitled “Driving Force: Automotive Supply Chains and Forced Labor in the...
‘Notorious’ State-Linked Chinese Hacking Group Responsible for Cyber Attacks on Dozens of Global Organizations
A report, published on May 4 by security researchers with Cybereason, a cybersecurity firm, has revealed...
Washington Puts Chinese Quantum Computing Firms On Blacklist
The U.S. government has taken action against Chinese companies involved in quantum computing and other...