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Hong Kong’s COVID-19 App Could Aid China’s Erosion of Local Freedoms
The adoption of an app for tracking coronavirus infections has sparked concern in Hong Kong, the Chinese port city where an authoritarian law passed last year is incrementally dismantling local freedoms and rule of law. ...
Rand Paul
Rand Paul Says Open Economy Needed Over Debt
Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said in a Christmas Day interview with Newsmax in response to questions about the dispute for an additional $1 trillion in relief spending in the COVID-19 stimulus package, “I think what...
Germany Extend COVID Protocouls During Festive Season
Germany Extends COVID Protocols Into the Christmas Season
In a further attempt to contain the rising COVID-19 cases, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has extended the social contact protocols to December 20 this year. So far, the only general method deployed to control the...