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Boris Promises UK: Ending Lockdowns ‘Once and for All’

In a statement given during the first anniversary of the coronavirus lockdown, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised citizens that the United Kingdom will exit lockdowns once and for all, and that the plan will not change despite the fact that a third wave of infections is spreading from Europe. He offered condolences to people […]

Germany: Merkel Issues Rare Apology for Proposing Easter Lockdown, Elderly Find Vaccine Bureaucracy Difficult

German Chancellor Angela Merkel made a rare gesture recently when she apologized for having proposed a five-day lockdown during the upcoming Easter holidays. She changed her stance just 33 hours after announcing the lockdown. The Chancellor had come under intense criticism for proposing the Easter lockdown which would have forcefully shut down churches during what […]

Lockdown Meal Delivery by Vienna’s Horse-Drawn Carriages

The COVID-19 induced lockdown changed the lives of billions of people around the world in numerous ways. While a majority of people were forced to work from home and rely on online stores for buying stuff for months, in some places, the results of lockdowns are rather unique. One such place is Vienna, a major […]

COVID-19 in the UK: Harsh Lockdowns But High Death Rates

A ranking of ‘government stringency’ has scored the UK 86 out of 100 points, placing it as one of the countries with the harshest coronavirus restrictions. The ranking, done by the University of Oxford’s Blavatnik School of Government, shows that only three countries score higher than the UK globally – Lebanon, Venezuela, and Eritrea. The […]

Hong Kong’s COVID-19 App Could Aid China’s Erosion of Local Freedoms

The adoption of an app for tracking coronavirus infections has sparked concern in Hong Kong, the Chinese port city where an authoritarian law passed last year is incrementally dismantling local freedoms and rule of law.  Launched last November, the LeaveHomeSafe app helps the city government monitor and keep track of people to help fight the […]

How to Balance Your Work and Home-Schooling Schedule Amidst the Lockdown

As most workers — such as nannies, support networks, cooks, cleaners, creches, and many other household and home help services — have been absent during the lockdowns, children’s education, home-schooling, and daily activities have been managed mostly by parents. Stress haunted many parents and students alike as they were ill-prepared for the new lockdown environment […]

7 Things You Should Not Do During the Coronavirus Lockdown or Self-Isolation

Coronavirus lockdown or not, self-isolation or not, regardless of the circumstances, people still need to take care of themselves even if you have no symptoms or very mild symptoms of COVID-19. Protecting yourself well will help to prevent becoming infected or relapsing. According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the human body is likened to a […]

Rand Paul Says Open Economy Needed Over Debt

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said in a Christmas Day interview with Newsmax in response to questions about the dispute for an additional $1 trillion...

Germany Extends COVID Protocols Into the Christmas Season

In a further attempt to contain the rising COVID-19 cases, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has extended the social contact protocols to December 20 this...

6 Movies to Stream on Netflix This Lockdown

Being alone in your home during lockdown can be boring and depressing. This is where video streaming websites like Netflix come to the rescue....

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