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‘Brazen’ Chinese Espionage Against US ‘Felt Across the Country’: FBI Director Wray
The harm wrought by Communist China’s hacking, espionage, and other “unrestricted warfare” activities affecting the U.S. are “felt across the country in a whole range of industries,” FBI Director Christopher Wray told an audience in...
Beijing failed to meet its 2020 semiconductor targets in its Made in China 2025 plan.
Chinese Semiconductor Industry Nowhere Near Its 2025 Self-Sufficiency Goal
In 2015, Beijing’s “Made in China 2025” initiative had outlined targets for a self-reliant China. The semiconductor industry was one of the sectors given importance in the Chinese Communist Party’s plans. The initiative proposed lifting...
What’s Happening to ‘Made in China 2025’?
Since 2015, the Chinese government has been promoting the slogan “Made in China 2025,” which refers to Beijing’s goal of transforming China from a producer of cheap goods to a competitive powerhouse of cutting-edge high-tech...