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Tag: Medical Apartheid

Angus Reid has found 70 percent of Canadians want unvaccinated frontline and essential workers to lose their livelihoods
From Frontline Heroes to Essential Zeroes: 70% of Canadians Want the Unvaccinated Fired
A new poll has unveiled how most Canadians really feel about their frontline and essential workers: if...
University of Alberta signage in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. 56-year-old Annette Lewis, who suffers from terminal idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis in both lungs was advised by her doctor at the UofA that although she is second in line on a lung transplant donor list she has sat on for 2.5 years, she will be denied medical care unless she accepts a COVID-19 vaccine.
No Jab? No Life Saving Lung Transplant, Canadian Hospital Tells Woman
A Canadian woman who needs a lung transplant in order to survive has been told by a university hospital...
In March, a woman showed off her Green Pass vaccine passport to promote vaccine acceptance to the public upon arrival at Bloomfield Stadium in Tel Aviv. On Aug. 29, the Israeli government announced Green Pass status will expire six months after the last injection, ushering in an era of mandatory acceptance of cyclical boosters of the mRNA and adenovirus vector gene-therapy-based COVID-19 vaccines.
Israel Vaccine Passport Now Expires After Six Months, Boosters Required
Israel’s vaccine passport QR-code system, Green Pass, will now expire six months after the second injection...