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NY: Armed Guards Deployed in Subways to Address Fare Evaders; Felony Crimes on Subway Surge by 40%
The MTA says that after sending armed guards into the subways to address fare-beating the city is already...
Longtime Friend of Eric Adams Secures a $240k a Year NYC Gig After Living Off a $30k Pension
Lisa White, a retired 911 dispatcher and longtime friend of New York City Mayor Eric Adams has reportedly...
NY: Alison Esposito Takes Center Stage at the Nassau County Republican Committee’s ‘Ladies Night Out’
On Oct. 12, the Nassau County Republican Committee held a “Ladies Night Out” event featuring Alison Esposito...
NYC Mayor Eric Adams Announces Metal Detectors for Metro in the Wake of Recent Violence
In the shadow of a mass shooting that saw 13 people injured and 10 shot, five critically, on board a...
NYPD Secretly Collecting DNA of Thousands of New Yorkers, Lawsuit Alleges
The Legal Aid Society in New York City has filed a federal class action lawsuit alleging that the New...
NYC Grieves, Seeks Solutions Following Times Square Subway Tragedy
On Tuesday, Jan. 18, hundreds of people gathered in Times Square to honour the memory of subway-shove...