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Tag: Renewable Energy

The Biden Admin wants to muzzle criticism of green and renewable energy costs online, employing Big Tech as a hired goon.
Biden Admin Hints at Coming Censorship of Those Who Criticize Green Energy Costs
A top aide to President Joe Biden wants Big Tech to commence censorship of content that is critical of the costs of so-called green energy and renewable energy. White House National Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy...
Tesla CEO Elon Musk gestures during the Tesla China-made Model 3 Delivery Ceremony in Shanghai on January 7, 2020. Tesla came under fire by CCP authorities after a strange protest at the Shanghai Auto Show occurred alleging the world's largest electric vehicle manufacturer had brake failure.
Tesla Future in China Uncertain After ‘Brake Failure’ Protest in Shanghai
American electric car manufacturer Tesla may face trouble from the Chinese authorities after a disgruntled Tesla owner climbed on top of a display vehicle and sounded off that she was almost killed because of brake...