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Survivors of Cyclone Mocha Struggle as Aid Comes Too Slow
After Cyclone Mocha raged through Myanmar’s Rakhine state, possibly killing hundreds, survivors have...
Civilian Massacres in Myanmar Appall United Nations; Calls for an Investigation Rise
At the end of 2021, around 35 civilians in Myanmar, including women and children, were reported to have...
UK Sanctions Strike Myanmar As Human Rights Cases Rise
On Sunday, Dec. 12, the UK imposed a series of new sanctions against the Southeast Asian nation of Myanmar...
Detainees released from Insein Prison celebrate with the crowd in Yangon on October 19, 2021, as authorities released thousands of people jailed for protesting against a February coup that ousted the civilian government.
Burmese Generals Seek Further Representation, Cooperation From ASEAN and UN, While UN Claims Burma Nears
It has now been 257 days since the military declared a “one-year-long state of emergency,” seizing power...