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The Past–And Present–of China’s Imperial Exams
Adapted from Erping Zhang's original video available on YouTube. Chinese civilization has long viewed excellence in academics as both a matter of pragmatic necessity as well as moral cultivation. Confucius, the ancient teacher and philosopher,...
Emperor Taizong of Tang and His Faithful Advisors
Emperor Taizong of Tang (唐太宗 ) birth name Li Shimin; (598–649 AD) was one of the greatest military strategists of  Chinese history. He was the second emperor of the Tang Dynasty ― known to be...
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Virtue Is the Best Feng Shui
Feng shui, literally “wind and water,” is an ancient Chinese philosophical system, sometimes translated as geomancy. It focuses on orienting buildings, furniture, plants, and other objects in an auspicious and harmonious manner to ensure the...