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Poland Meets New Challenge as It Takes in Over 2 Million Refugees Fleeing War in Ukraine
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has prompted more than 4.6 million Ukrainians to seek refuge in neighboring countries with Poland accommodating more than half of of the total exodus.  More than 32 nations have opened their...
China Delivers Anti-Aircraft Missiles to Serbia in Covert Deal
The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) air force flew 12 covert missions to Serbia over the weekend, delivering some of its most sophisticated anti-aircraft systems to the Serbian army. Serbia, traditionally an ally of Russia,...
The world faces imminent global war as the Russia and Ukraine-NATO conflict escalates with deadly brinkmanship.
Threat of Global War Looming as NATO Mobilizes After Russia Strikes Ukraine Training Facility
Amid what is arguably the most serious international military conflict humanity has faced in decades, tensions between the Russian Federation and NATO-backed Ukraine have reached a new peak as the U.S.-led alliance begins mobilizing forces after...