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Transgender Exposure at Koreatown Spa Sparks Anger, Protests Turn Violent

Prakash Gogoi
Prakash covers news and politics for Vision Times.
Published: July 5, 2021
koreatown-spa-in-controversy-because of-transgender
Young people walk past shuttered businesses outside of the trendy section of Koreatown on October 31, 2006 in the Los Angeles, California. (Image: David McNew/Getty Images)

A video of a woman confronting staff members at Wi Spa in Los Angeles went viral recently. The woman had approached spa employees after a man walked into the womens’ section, naked in the presence of underage girls.

The employees told her that the man had identified himself as a woman and, as such, had the right to walk into the women’s section. She responds by saying, “What sexual orientation? I see a d***. It lets me know he’s a man… He is a man, he is not female.”

Another woman also joins in to question the spa employee. “Girls down there, other women, are highly offended for what they just saw and you did nothing… In fact, you sided with him. So Wi Spa is in agreement with men that just say they are women and they can go down there with their p**** and get into the woman’s section. Is that what you’re saying?” she asks exasperatedly in the video.

A third female customer asked the spa for a refund and said that she won’t be visiting the place again. A male customer attempted to defend the transgender person’s action. After the video went viral, several people criticized the spa for allowing the person entry into the women’s section.

‘Stop trying to normalize this type of behavior!’

“Who in their right mind would patronize your spa that allows men to roam around with their genitals hanging out for all, including children to see. Stop trying to normalize this type of behavior!” one woman commented on Wi Spa’s Facebook page.

“Men walking around naked around women and little girls? He should have been arrested. The staff who let him do it should have been arrested also,” another woman stated.

Peter F. Jazayeri, the lawyer representing the spa, said in a statement that the business had simply abided by a state law promoting gender equality. “California law prohibits discrimination against transgender and gender non-conforming people in business establishments,” Jazayeri said.

The Korean spa is a hotspot for celebrities, with stars like Johnny Depp, John Travolta, and Demi Levato frequenting the joint. Late-night host Conan O’Brien once filmed a skit in one of the hot tubs together with actor Steven Yuen.

On June 3, protests erupted outside the spa. A group of people had appeared at the site in support of the woman who complained about the incident in the video. Another group purporting to support transgender rights also arrived at the scene, and clashes ensued.

Protests turn violent

Some protestors were carrying weapons, flags, and so on. In one incident, a mob of people in dark clothes chased a man, who was wearing a T-shirt that said “Obey Jesus,” down the street. The man was punched from behind and had blood running down his face and chest. Some people from the group wearing dark clothes also engaged in physical altercation with two other men.

In the clash between groups, both sides fought with bottles, bats, and other improvised weapons. One woman is said to have been stabbed. A few protestors set fire to the contents of a dumpster in the middle of the road. Police officers arrived at the scene, declared the protests as unlawful assembly, and eventually restored order.

In an interview with Fox News, LAPD officer Mike Lopez stated that five crimes have been reported against five individuals. “Three of them were victims of assault and battery, and the other two were assaulted with deadly weapons,” the officer said.

Andy Ngo, editor-at-large at The Post Millennial, tweeted a video stating that people linked with Antifa attacked a woman who was protesting peacefully outside the spa. 

Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce, who is a member of the LGBTQ community, called the individual who exposed himself at the spa a “jerk” and said that many of her transgender friends had called the person’s behavior offensive.

“The gay community in particular, certainly the transgender community has got to tell that the gay political leadership to stop using us as this weapon to try to keep people divided… This has got to stop because none of the transgenders want this,” Bruce said in a show with Tucker Carlson.