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Locals Say COVID-19 Outbreak in Three Southeastern Chinese Cities Worse Than Officially Reported

Published: September 21, 2021
A child undergoes a nucleic acid test for the Covid-19 coronavirus in Xiamen, in China's eastern Fujian province on September 18, 2021. - China OUT (Image: STR/AFP via Getty Images)

An outbreak of the coronavirus in the southeastern cities of Putian, Xiamen and Quanzhou in Fujian Province, China is much worse than what is being officially reported, according to locals familiar with the matter. 

According to official reports, between Sept. 10th and 20th there were a total of 402 new confirmed cases in the cities with 195 in Putian, 183 in Xiamen and 24 in Quanzhou. 

However, on Sept. 20 the Chinese-language edition of The Epoch Times interviewed several residents from the affected areas and discovered that the Chinese regime is most likely covering up and underreporting both COVID-19 infection rates and by extension death figures. 

The most severely affected area is in the Tong’an District in Xiamen where on Sept. 18 the Xiamen Third Hospital suspended general outpatient and emergency medical services in what is believed to be an attempt to redirect resources towards a surging caseload of COVID-19 patients. 

A villager in the Tong’an District told the Epoch Times that his district is the hardest hit and confirmed that cases are far worse than the official figures. He said, “It’s just that the outside world doesn’t know. The residents of an entire building were taken away in some villages, and it’s happening every day.”

In the village of Pantu, where he resides, no confirmed cases have been officially reported however villagers are not permitted to leave and all the factories in the area have been closed. 

He said mass nucleic acid testing is being conducted in the area which is creating chaotic scenes as the testing centers are chronically understaffed. He said people’s patience is wearing thin and there have been numerous physical conflicts. 

Another local resident told the Epoch Times that in Xinmin, the most severely affected town in Tong’an District, “There are many confirmed cases, almost every day. One was confirmed yesterday [Sept. 19] in Bazaipu Township, and the entire building was vacated and everyone was subject to quarantine; a 6th grader in Xinmin Central Primary School was confirmed today.”

Another villager from Xike Township in the same district said, “Everything has stopped since yesterday [Sept. 19],” and described the testing center as people all “packed together.”

Yet another resident of Xiamen said that all the restaurants were closed and that his diner would be closed for at least another two weeks.

Hospital outbreak

A hospital in the Xiuyu District, where three confirmed cases were reported in Putian City on Sept. 19, including a nurse and another staff member, caused the Xiuyu District Hospital to close. 

A local told The Epoch Times that an ambulance driver was the staff member who was confirmed to have the disease. 

The resident said, “No one can come in this area. We are all staying at home, not allowed to go out. No idea when we can resume the activities.” The Epoch Times reported. 

In Quanzhou, the city with the least officially reported cases, a woman from the Fengze District said that several buildings in her area were locked down. She said, “People from Putian visited relatives here. Several buildings surrounding the relative’s apartment were sealed off.”

She said that lockdowns have been in effect since Sept. 19 and that all shops were closed, “We have done the first round of nucleic acid testing. Ready to do the second round.”

According to local authorities, people have been instructed to stay home and if someone enters the area they will not be permitted to leave.