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Alliances Are Forming to Resist the CCP and Defend Taiwan: Former China Country Desk Officer Joseph Bosco

Juliet Wei
Juliet Wei covers China news and U.S.-China relations and has worked as a correspondent with Senate and House Correspondent Credential at Washington DC. She holds an M.A. in Specialized Journalism from the University of Southern California.
Published: November 5, 2021
F_Joseph A. Bosco-DOD Former China Country Desk Officer_2005-2006
Joseph Bosco, former China Country Desk Officer in the Office of the Secretary of Defense (2005-2006) at “Washington Forum” on October 29(Image: Screen shoot from NTD video)

On Oct. 29, Joseph Bosco, former China Country Desk Officer in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, spoke at Washington Forum and Truth Warriors Alliance.

Speaking about the U.S. stance on mainland China vis-a-vis Taiwan, Bosco said, “It goes back to the Mao-Nixon meetings where they developed the Shanghai Communique, which I have called the original sin of US-China relations, because in that document, China declared unequivocally that Taiwan is part of China.” 

The US’s One China policy distorted by the CCP

Bosco said the U.S.’s “One China” policy had been maliciously distorted by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) over the years, misleading perceptions in the international arena and that it needs to be constantly corrected.

Bosco further elaborated that “The United States, on the other hand, promulgated a One China policy, which is that, although both sides at that time Chiang Kai-shek and Mao Zedong said, ….it’s up to the people of Taiwan to decide that, and that is yet to be determined.” 

“China likes to conflate its one-China principle with the U.S. one-China policy and say that the U.S. and the rest of the international community agree with China’s view that Taiwan is part of China. That is a clear distortion of history”, added Bosco.

Bosco said the One China policy doesn’t preclude recognition of a sovereign Taiwan. “So, of course, China would brittly bridle at the thought of one China, one Taiwan, but I think that’s ultimately the way the United States policy will have to go.”

Countries step up to meet the CCP threat

Bosco said that the Quad — an informal partnership between the United States, Japan, Australia, and India — or any kind of international organization or international cooperation, which acknowledges the threat from Beijing, is a good development.

“The Quad is excellent, the newest development that the Biden administration has initiated as the caucus of Australia, Japan, and the UK and the U.S. This is great,” Bosco said.

According to Bosco, the Biden administration has hinted that it was going to invite Taiwan to the conference for democracy in December.

On Sept. 23, the U.S. House of Representatives passed its annual defense policy bill, which recommends that Taiwan be included in next year’s Rim of the Pacific Exercise (RIMPAC) and enhance cooperation between Taiwan and the U.S. National Guard. 

RIMPAC is the naval exercise that Communist China was invited to participate in a few years ago. Last year, however, Beijing was excluded, while Taiwan was welcomed to be part of the exercise instead. 

The Taiwan government, for the first time, acknowledged that U.S. Marines were training parts of the Taiwan military. Bosco thinks the U.S. should be training not only the Taiwanese army but also the navy and airforce.  

Bosco mentioned more important steps can be taken to enhance not only Taiwan’s security but U.S. national security. “We should have joint exercises of Taiwanese and American and Japanese and other forces in a number of ways to demonstrate that the U.S. is really committed to the defense of Taiwan. ” 

U.S. Aircraft Carriers(Image from US Navy)

Strong US commitment is both good for Taiwan and the Chinese people

If the CCP really believes that the Biden administration will intervene in a conflict between Beijing and Taiwan, then the CCP has to think twice before any move that might lead to an escalation. 

Bosco said, “I do not think Chinese Communists are suicidal. They do not want an all-out war with the United States. It would mean the destruction of their economy. And it would mean the destruction of the Chinese Communist Party. So that’s the last thing they want.”

Multiple administrations, including the Bush, Trump, and now the Biden administration, have made statements signifying a strong U.S. commitment to Taiwan. 

Bosco also wished Chinese people could have freedom. “If we were to appeal, we appealed as what Ronald Reagan went directly to the Russian people and said, You’re living under an evil empire. We’re going to help you. Keep on struggling. We’re not going to go to war of World War III, but we’re going to use all of our tools, all of our instruments to help you resist this tyranny that you’re living under.”