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Unlocking the Mysteries of the Human Heart

Simone Jonker
Simone Jonker worked in NTD Inspired for two years. She wrote light articles and inspiring stories.
Published: November 17, 2021
Puzzle pieces arranged to symbolize the mysteries of the human heart. (Image: Horia Varlan via Flickr CC BY 2.0)

When we consider the mysteries of the human heart, it can be said that a person is equipped with not just one heart. We have both a physical heart, and an emotional heart; and then there is also a mind-and-heart connection.

One’s physical heart is the cardiac muscle that pumps blood throughout the body providing circulation, and rhythm. Our ’other heart’  generates from the depths of our existence and our inner feelings. When this emotional heart ’blossoms,’ it becomes a wellspring of joy, creativity, compassion, and tranquility. 

The human heart has an aura that emits visible light. According to the findings of a thoroughly controlled investigation done by German researchers at the University of Kassel, it was discovered that a normal person’s chest emits just 20 photons of light per second, while someone who meditates on their heart center generates an incredible 100,000 photons per second. 

Some studies suggest that the frequency and vibration of photons (light) are able to increase to the point that they can physically modify or restrict matter, alleviate illness, or transform bad situations. When light photons are imbued with a kind and compassionate purpose, their frequency and vibration also rise.

Woman forms a heart around the setting sun with her hands. (Image: Peng Louis via Pexels)

The rate of one’s breath directly influences the rate of one’s heart via a process known as “Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia” (RSA).  Meditators who practice kindness while meditating have discovered that a second yet-to-be-identified mechanism has an even greater impact than RSA. It eliminates arrhythmia in the heart rate. With continued practice, this impact becomes more consistent. 

Energy studies

In 1998 a large group of American academics traveled to China to do a study on Qigong masters. Qigong is a traditional practice that entails building energy via meditation and gentle exercises, while simultaneously strengthening one’s heart quality. Since the mind and the body are believed to be one, cultivating both together leads to significant, and holistic, improvement of both.

According to the study, Qigong practitioners were found to create strong bursts of infrasonic light waves that were 100 to 1000 times more potent than those produced by the average person. After just a few weeks of training, even those who were new to the practice saw an increase in infrared energy production by a factor of five.

A similar study conducted at the Beijing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine published in 1988, measured part of the qi generated by skilled practitioners as infrasonic waves with frequencies that were 100 times higher in frequency than those emitted by the average person.

Stanford University published the results of a 2004 research by neuroscientist Richard Davidson on the energy released by Tibetan meditation monks. Davidson tested the Dalai Lama’s most accomplished monks’ gamma waves emitted by their brains with an electroencephalograph (EEG.) As a control, a group of 10 students with no previous meditation experience was also tested.

Davidson discovered that several of the monks generated gamma waves that were not only unlike any other recorded example, but were also more ordered than the non-meditating test subjects.

According to the Institute of HeartMath, research has shown the pattern of your heart rhythm reflects the state of your emotions and nervous system dynamics. If you choose positive feelings and thoughts, such as love and appreciation, your heart rhythm is more harmonious and smooth. Studies have also linked meditation to healthier arteries and improved blood flow to the heart.

Bleeding heart (Dicentra Spectibilis) flowers. (Image: Martin Pettitt via Flickr CC BY 2.0)

For a healthy (physical and emotional) heart, allow it to be a wellspring of compassion. Don’t be afraid to open up to happiness, laughter, and gratitude. Physical exercise like dancing is beneficial for the soul, and may help one let go of fears and troubles. Besides consuming nutritious food, spend time outdoors, and be present with your loved ones. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals, and if you have pets, play with them. Dogs and cats are said to have high vibrational levels.

It is believed that the higher a person’s vibrational frequency, the closer one is to truth, and the more universal wisdom one will be able to perceive. While you may have forgotten about your heart’s grand wish, you still know deep down what you have yearned for most of your life. That wish represents the wisdom of your heart, and your heart can bring about its fulfillment.

Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice reminds us that we feel better about ourselves when we are kind and compassionate towards others.

The quality of mercy is not strained,

It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven

Upon the place beneath; it is twice blessed;

It blesseth him that gives, and him that takes.

Shakespeare, from The Merchant of Venice