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1 Dead, Over 40 Injured in Bus Explosion in China

Lucy Crawford
Born and raised in China, Lucy Crawford has been living in Canada for over 20 years. She has great sympathy for Chinese and human suffering in general. With a Master's degree in Education and having worked on various professions, she now translates and writes about stories in ancient and modern China. She lives in Calgary with her husband and four children.
Published: March 1, 2022
Police officers investigate the site of a bus explosion in China.
Police officers investigate the site of a bus explosion in China. (Image: China Photos via Getty Images)

On the evening of Feb.12, a bus full of people in the northern city of Shenyang City exploded while traveling. According to the official report, the incident killed one person, seriously injured 2 people, and slightly injured 40. In the same evening, Shenyang Municipal Public Security Bureau released a notice on Weibo, China’s social media platform, stating that the cause of the accident was under investigation.

The online video shows that a bus in motion suddenly exploded, instantly caught on fire, and the roof of the bus was blown off.  Following the explosion, witnesses said that the surrounding grounds were a mess. 

“You can’t tell the bus from its body except for the green license plate,” one witness said.

A male passenger who had gotten off the bus was covered in blood, sitting incapacitated on the curb. 

The person filming said, “It’s frightening. [The explosion] shook me.”  

Fire trucks and ambulances were at the wreckage site. 

Another person filming said, “The bus was said to be full when it exploded. Ambulances have taken away many people so far.”

Twitter users also began to share opinions on what they saw. On the day of the explosion, @MeMeTaiWan tweeted the following: 

“Shenyang bus explosion killed 1 and injured 42

Personal opinion: from the location of the explosion, it looks like a homemade explosives attack. This kind of attack usually kills the bomber, that is, a possible suicide bomb attack. But it doesn’t rule out an accident, such as someone carrying inflammable materials aboard a bus.”

User @JohnDoe1284495 also reported: 

“Shenyang bus explosion, killing and injuring more than 40 people.”

Twitter user @jspch666 explained that the Chinese people were fed up with the CCP: 

“Just now, a bus explosion occurred in Shenyang.

The Chinese communist state has been locked down off and on for two years, and the people’s jobs and incomes have been greatly affected without a single penny of government assistance, it is estimated that many of the people have run out of money for food.

Rather than starve to death, it is better to die with a bang. Could this bus bombing be the work of people who have been driven to the brink?”

Another netizen commented online: “It’s revenge on society. This country is so repressed that there are going to be more and more of such incidents in the future.”

As of 5 pm on February 14, there has been no update on the official cause of the Shenyang bus explosion and the number of casualties. Many netizens still believe it to be a man-made bombing.