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76% of Southern Border Migrants Entering New York Homeless Shelters Stay There

Neil Campbell
Neil lives in Canada and writes about society and politics.
Published: October 2, 2022
Southern Border crisis migrants sent to New York are trapped within the city's homeless shelter system.
Venezuelan Southern Border crossers after boarding a bus in Texas and being dropped off outside the residence of Vice President Kamala Harris in Washington, D.C., on Sept. 15, 2022. More than 76 percent of migrants bussed to New York City who entered the homeless shelter system remain, city data shows. (Image: STEFANI REYNOLDS/AFP via Getty Images)

The vast majority of migrants who entered the United States at the Southern Border amid a longstanding crisis and have been bussed to New York City are living out of the city’s homeless shelters.

The statistic is based on a calculation by the Mayor’s office that as of Sept. 28, more than 11,800 of the 15,500 asylum seekers who have entered the city’s homeless shelters continue to remain, news outlet The City reported.

Department of Homeless Services First Deputy Commissioner Molly Park stated during a recent hearing that, simply speaking, undocumented migrants do not qualify for homeless rental assistance stipends.


The City noted that this one point alone is significant across the board.

Based on data from the Mayor’s latest management report, during the previous fiscal year, almost three times as many single adults and almost four times as many families were able to escape the shelter system and find permanent housing with the stipend compared to those without.

The publication shared the following anecdote, putting the state of affairs in perspective, “One family staying at Park West Hotel for three weeks said they haven’t received help from their social worker to move to more stable housing. The mother and father, who live with their 10-year-old and asked not to be named for fear of retribution from hotel management, said they share one bed among the three of them and don’t receive much other than cold food they have to microwave.”

Yet the couple is reportedly gainfully employed. The husband works a job at a hotel in Queens while the mother works at a fast food chain. However, because of their son’s age, someone must be available to take care of him when they are gone because the hotel will not permit him being left unsupervised.

The article explained that for southern border migrants, they must wait 180 days after filing for asylum before they are able to begin the process of applying for a work permit.

Another migrant The City spoke to revealed to the outlet they had found a chance to perform labor as a painter under the table despite lacking the right to work.

As far back as July, Mayor Eric Adams was quoted as calling a spike in homeless shelter demand “unprecedented,” specifically noting the surge was caused by asylum seekers in the migrant crisis who were instructed to report to the facilities upon arrival, The City also reported.

Earlier in September, Adams’s office announced that it would open “Humanitarian Emergency Response and Relief Centers to support the hundreds of asylum seekers arriving in New York City each day from Texas and other border states.”

A “past example” of a New York City-run “Humanitarian Emergency Response and Relief Center” migrant housing facility for single adults only.
A “past example” of a New York City-run “Humanitarian Emergency Response and Relief Center” migrant housing facility for single adults only. (Image: Office of the Mayor)

Photographs provided in the announcement showed an example facility that was composed of tent and trailer structures, with the tent structures simply being empty shells lined with single cots, much like a makeshift field hospital.

The images harkened back to footage obtained by investigative journalist team Project Veritas in March of 2021 that showed a DHS-run migrant camp in Donna, Texas, which was composed of tent facilities broken down into eight pods of eight cells, where migrants were photographed sleeping in piles on the floor under tinfoil blankets amid the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pseudo-pandemic hysterics and measures.

Border states Texas and Arizona have been, for months, bussing migrants to “sanctuary cities” such as New York and Washington, D.C.

An Aug. 31 report by CNN showed, based on data obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request, that Texas alone had paid more than $12.7 million to one bus company to transport the individuals and families as of Aug. 9.

“State agencies have provided conflicting figures for the exact number of migrants that Texas has bused out of state, ranging from 8,051 to 9,033. That amounts to a cost of at least $1,400 per migrant to transport,” the article read.

In a contrasting take, hawkishly-conservative outlet Breitbart noted that Texas was still saving significant money based on 2017 data that far predated the border crisis, which showed taxpayers cough up $11 billion a year to handle the state’s two million illegal migrants, amounting to approximately $5,400 per migrant.

For Arizona, Breitbart stated that each bus costs taxpayers $83,000, which is still a savings in light of the $4,700 each migrant regularly costs calculated in 2019 by immigration reform group FAIR.