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British Minister Announces 180-Turn in Gender-Neutral Restroom Policy

Victor Westerkamp
Victor resides in the Netherlands and writes about freedom and governmental and social changes to the democratic form of nations.
Published: August 17, 2023
Britain's Business and Trade Secretary and Minister for Women and Equalities Kemi Badenoch speaks at InterContinental London 02 on June 21, 2023, in London, England. Badenoch announced a 180-turn in gender-neutral restroom policies in a move to restore women’s rights to privacy and security. (Image: HENRY NICHOLLS/WPA Pool/Getty Images)

In Great Britain, the advance of gender-neutral toilets has been halted by an initiative spearheaded by the Minister for Equalities herself, who says she has listened to the public’s experience. 

Single-sex toilets will become the norm again, and the minimum requirement for newly built or structurally renovated public buildings, Business and Trade Secretary and Minister for Women and Equalities Kemi Badenoch said.

As a black immigrant daughter of Nigerian descent, Badenoch knows what she is talking about when it comes to equality and empowerment but says her decision was motivated mainly by common sense.

“These changes will ensure that separate toilets for men and women are preserved at the same time as providing universal toilets for those that want them,” Badenoch explained her motives for updating the restroom regulations, according to Sky News. “This is a common sense approach.”

The people’s voice also guided the decision; some 17,000 Britons took the trouble to fill out the survey conducted by the government.

Protecting the dignity, privacy, and safety of all

According to the government, a whole range of opinions on the gender equality issue came along. Still, the overall tenor, in any case, was that there is a clear need for privacy, dignity, and accessibility.

The minister clarified: “It is important that everybody has privacy and dignity when using public facilities. Yet the move towards’ gender neutral’ toilets has removed this fundamental right for women and girls”, the outlet reported.

“These proposals will ensure every new building in England is required to provide separate male and female or unisex facilities and publish guidance to explain the difference, protecting the dignity, privacy, and safety of all,” she said.

In other words, the minister, a member of the Conservative Party who has long led the government in the UK, believes that inclusiveness means that women should also be able to have their own private space without fear of being harassed or spied upon by types who claim to identify with a woman, but in fact, are not themselves, to name an example.


The Minister’s words were also echoed by Parliamentary Undersecretary of State for Faith and Communities, Baroness Scott, who said: “It is extremely important women can feel comfortable when using public facilities, so we are taking action to restore dignity and privacy at the center of all future provision.”

“These proposals will mean separate toilets for men and women, as well as self-contained toilets for those that need them, become a requirement for every new building across England,” Scott added.

General pushback

The minister’s plans can be seen as a worldwide pushback by conservative governments against what has come to be known as the Woke movement, in which critics say the principle of equality and inclusiveness is taken far too far. The rights of homosexuals and transgender people are disproportionately highlighted at the expense of the rights of traditional heterosexual men and women.

Some suspect behind the woke culture and the LGBTQ push is an agenda to destroy the family as the cornerstone of society and traditional Christian values, such as marriage, fidelity, honorability, and chastity.