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Tag: Wokeism

Kid Rock's new single Don't Tell Me How to Live fires at leftist woke culture and provoked Weird Al to comment.
New Kid Rock Single Leaves Weird Al Unable To Contain Himself
For both fans and detractors who were unsure of its origin, the music video for Kid Rock’s new single Don’t Tell Me How to Live does actually belong to the country-rock-rapper, who some simply describe...
A pilot walks by United Airlines gated planes at San Francisco International Airport. United Airlines seeks to shift this male dominated field, announcing that 50 percent of new pilots will be women or people of color.
United Airlines Boasts New Racial and Gender Standard for Pilot Eligibility Emphasizing Women and People of Color
United Airlines recently announced that of the 5,000 pilots who will be trained within the next decade, 50 percent of them will be minorities and women of color. Their announcement on Twitter met with heavy...