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4 Things to Do in Colorful Milton, Ontario

Carolina Avendano
Carolina is a Canada-based writer and journalist who enjoys learning and sharing information about how to lead a meaningful life. She is passionate about traditional culture, handmade crafts, the connection between humans and nature, and human rights.
Published: August 27, 2023
Grace Anglican Church is one of the landmarks of downtown Milton. Built in 1895 from limestone blocks quarried locally on the Niagara Escarpment near Milton, this English Gothic-style church is a visual delight for tourists and locals alike. (Image: Peter K Burian via Wikimedia Commons)

After enduring all the trials of a seven-day road trip from Alberta to Ontario, we found our destination well worth the effort. My father and I had packed our entire lives into his SUV, and we were determined to leave behind the sorrows brought on by the pandemic. 

Having grown up in busy Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, and lived for some years in Calgary – less crowded but still full of that big-city atmosphere – we  were craving the quiet and warmth that only small towns can offer.

We chose colorful Milton, a small town in southern Ontario, located 40 km west of Downtown Toronto. Separated from other Greater Toronto Area (GTA) cities by vast, vibrant green fields, Milton was the ideal retreat from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis.

“The best word I can use to describe Milton is ‘cozy,'” said my sister, Camila Avendano, during her two-day visit from Calgary to what my father and I had begun to call home. “The town’s brick houses reminded me of Bogotá, so I couldn’t help but feel a sense of familiarity.”

For an unforgettable visit to Milton, I can recommend the following four gems we discovered as residents:

1. Chudleigh’s Entertainment Farm

Are you a fan of freshly picked apples? In the mood for a cup of hot apple cider around a cozy fireplace and live acoustic music? If this sounds enticing, Chudleigh’s farm is the right place for you. Since 1967, the family-owned farm has provided a large variety of apples and signature desserts unique to the GTA.

Entrance to Chudleigh’s farm. Visitors can pick their own apples in the orchard, participate in educational events and enjoy summer music concerts. (Image: Zed Dean via Google Maps)

The company has also created its own line of products, from salad dressings and jams to locally produced honey, that are hardly found anywhere else. Their baked goods appeal not only to Ontario locals, but also to those from other countries. That’s right, they export their tasty cakes and apple blossoms!

Apple blossoms are essentially apple pies, only smaller and in a different shape. They are Chudleigh’s specialty and are made from scratch with fresh, local ingredients. (Image: Carolina Avendano/Vision TImes)

2. Hilton Falls Conservation Area

If you want to embark on a great adventure, Hilton Falls has plenty of possibilities. Just a twelve-minute drive from downtown Milton, this natural setting is just as well suited for strenuous hiking and biking as it is for leisurely strolling and appreciating the stunning, natural waterfalls. There are also ruins to explore for the history buffs.

Hilton Falls Waterfall. In addition to admiring the glittering crystalline waters, visitors can explore the ruins of three 19th century sawmills. (Image: Ontario Waterfalls)

If you stay past nightfall, you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of the magical fireflies; but beware! Mosquitoes usually come out for dinner just before sunset, so be sure to bring a good insect repellent.

3. Kelso Lavender

Who doesn’t admire the charm of lavender? For nearly six years, this family-owned lavender farm has been delighting locals with picturesque fields and handcrafted self-care products that provide an all-natural educational and wellness experience. 

Kelso lavender farm is home to over 25,000 lavender plants. (Image: Destination Ontario)

The farm is open every year from June 23 to Aug. 6. They grow several species of lavender and the peak of flowering is in July. Bring sunscreen, comfortable shoes, sunglasses and/or sun hat, and a good camera. You’ll want to capture an everlasting memory of lavender’s mesmerizing colors.

4. Mill Pond

Right at the heart of downtown Milton, a beautiful freshwater reservoir offers a delightful opportunity to immerse yourself in nature. Gracing an eye-catching gazebo, the pond is surrounded by a 2.1 kilometer trail where towners can birdwatch while taking a leisurely stroll. The sound of the water running by and the noise produced by the trees dancing with the wind are sure to turn your walk into a meditative process.

Mill Pond in fall (left) and winter (right). (Image: Carolina Avendano/Vision TImes)

The town and Mill pond came into being at the same time. Shortly after a gristmill was built between 1820 and 1822 to be powered by the pond, the first settlers arrived, giving rise to what would become a fully constituted town by 1857. Mill pond is a captivating blend of history and natural beauty. 

“My first impression of Milton was that it is a quaint little town, the Main Street being rather picturesque in design,” said Adrianne Smart, a Calarian WestJet associate who went to Milton last year. “I also liked that the town is walkable and the locals were friendly.”

Although my dad and I are back in Alberta, broad smiles crease our faces every time we reminisce about the year we spent in Milton. When you go, take a moment to admire the colorful and fragrant flowers that decorate Main Street, for they are but a hint of the magic of this enchanting city. Milton’s magic and charm are only revealed when you give yourself the opportunity to experience it.