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An airline stewardess heads towards a departure gate at Chek Lap Kok Airport March 7, 2003 in Hong Kong. According to the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, U.S. businesses are executing exit strategies amid fears of the installation of total communism in the once-democratic City.
US Business Preparing for Mass Exodus out of Hong Kong: Survey
American companies are gearing up for a mass exodus out of Hong Kong after the Chinese Communist Party took full control over the formerly democratic city last year, shows a recent survey conducted by the...
Ancient Chinese copper coins are circular with a square hole in the middle. The outer shape symbolizes heaven, innate wisdom, and the foundation of running a business.
Business and Benevolence in Traditional Chinese Culture
Ancient Chinese copper coins were circular in shape with a square hole in the middle. For the ancients, the round shape symbolized the eternity of heaven, and the square hole in the middle symbolized the...