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Microchips in the arm for vaccine passports and contactless payment is here to stay, whether you like it or not, say tech startups unconcerned with CCP-style social credit.
Implantable Microchips Are Here to Stay Whether You ‘Like It or Not’
Whether you like it or not, implantable subdermal microchips used to show your vaccine passport movement papers or to pay for a cup of coffee or a bundle of palm oil infused groceries are here...
MoviePass will pay a digital currency redeemable only for movies in exchange for users watching ads enforced by facial recognition and eyeball tracking technology.
This Social Credit-Style Digital Currency App Tracks User Eye Movements to Ensure Ads are Watched
MoviePass, a discount movie ticketing service terminated in 2019, has come back as an thinly-veiled social credit and digital currency app that keeps track of customers' eye movements to ensure they keep their spectacles where...
OPEC+ member Saudi Arabia threatens to trade US petrodollars for Chinese yuan amid geopolitical tensions.
Saudis Posture Dumping US Petrodollar for Yuan On Chinese Oil Sales
While Saudi Arabia is posturing that it may begin accepting the yuan instead of the U.S. dollar on at least a portion of its oil sales to China amid intensifying geopolitical conflicts, economic and political...
America's Central Bank Digital Currency is coming thanks to a March 9 Joe Biden Executive Order, and the social credit score and technocracy that comes with it.
A Central Bank Digital Currency Is Coming to America
Commentary U.S. President Joe Biden signed an Executive Order to “study” the possibilities for creating a digital national currency—as if the plans hadn’t been brewing for decades. The Order, signed into law by Biden on...